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15 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
1402 Spamassa spamassa dev RESO WONT MX lookups IPs matching to sending email address 2003-05-25
904 Spamassa Rules (E easmith RESO FIXE check_rbl() needs to check from the receiving end, not the originator 2003-04-05
990 Spamassa Librarie easmith RESO DUPL Dialup IPs penalized even when relayed through ISP's server 2003-04-05
1153 Spamassa Rules easmith RESO FIXE DNS Revisions 2003-04-07
1249 Spamassa Librarie easmith RESO FIXE spamassassin does not correctly parse Received: lines with dotted IP addresses between round brackets 2003-04-05
1268 Spamassa Rules easmith RESO FIXE RCVD_IN_ORBS check takes forever 2003-01-11
1740 Spamassa spamassa dev RESO FIXE check_rbl does not clean up the list of IPs 2003-04-05
1152 Spamassa Rules easmith RESO WONT use SPEWS-related DNS blacklist rules only as meta subrules 2003-08-27
1017 Spamassa Librarie quinlan RESO FIXE Patch to enable domain-based blacklists, from domain checking 2003-04-30
1403 Spamassa spamassa quinlan RESO FIXE check to see if the mx of a domain is or a private number 2003-04-30
898 Spamassa spamc/sp dev RESO FIXE Memory & CPU hogging on network outage 2003-02-07
1749 Spamassa Rules (E dev RESO FIXE DNS "firsthop" algo need to be redone 2003-04-07
2326 Spamassa Regressi dev RESO FIXE ipv6 + ipv4 combo host addresses in rbl tests 2004-03-23
6021 Spamassa Plugins dev RESO INVA dbg: received-header: relay trusted? yes=incorrect 2008-11-22
1425 Spamassa Rules (E jm RESO FIXE trusted_networks should accept short CIDR specifications 2003-05-27
15 bugs found.


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