Wed Jun 16 2021 15:24:14 UTC
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10 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
3256 Spamassa spamc/sp dev NEW --- RFE: spamd --virtual-config-account switch 2018-08-27
2764 Spamassa spamc/sp dev RESO FIXE spamd generating zombie processes on FreeBSD 2004-04-29
526 Spamassa spamc/sp dev RESO FIXE spamd problems with syslog rotation (spamc: failed sanity check) 2002-12-17
7341 Spamassa Website/ dev RESO INVA 2017-06-08
1028 Spamassa spamc/sp spamassassin-bugger RESO FIXE Spamc/spamd + ssl 2002-12-18
2797 Spamassa Rules dev RESO WORK blank subject line not modified or tagged as spam 2004-03-01
2842 Spamassa spamc/sp dev RESO FIXE spamc passes empty User: on to spamd 2004-01-07
4721 Spamassa spamc/sp dev RESO DUPL X-Spam headers added at the beginnig of mail insted at the end 2005-12-06
3026 Spamassa spamc/sp felicity RESO WONT Red Hat init script improvements 2004-04-24
5471 Spamassa spamassa dev CLOS INVA The personal whitelist is not used when we send a mail to a whitelited person and another whitelisted on not person 2007-05-25
10 bugs found.


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