Name Description Open Bugs Total Bugs
asf-project Related to licensing issues in move to ASF. Search 70
awl Relating to use of the automatic whitelist. none none
backport The fix for this bug should be backported to the current stable branch Search 76
cla ASF requires contributor license agreement(s) for contribution Search 1
dcc Relates to use of DCC in some way. none none
dns Related to use of DNS tests. Search 15
mc Used to indicate that the bug contains rules that need mass-checking Search 1
mime Related to MIME message parsing Search 7
moreinfo More information is needed from the reporter to properly diagnose this bug. Search 1
pyzor Related to use of Pyzor in some way. none none
razor Related to Razor in some way. Search 2
spamd Related to use of spamd. Search 10
triage Currently in triage (the process in which bugs are ranked in terms of importance or priority and assigned to a milestone) Search 58