Bug 5806

Summary: RFE - Splitting test in two parts - Shortcircuit on score so far
Product: Spamassassin Reporter: giga328
Component: PluginsAssignee: SpamAssassin Developer Mailing List <dev>
Status: NEW ---    
Severity: enhancement CC: apache
Priority: P3    
Version: 3.2.4   
Target Milestone: 4.0.0   
Hardware: All   
OS: All   

Description giga328 2008-02-05 04:28:55 UTC
I posted question to SpamAssassin - Users like:
I would like to split SpamAssassin test in two parts: 
a) all test except in b) ;) 
b) several expensive test which can not produce negative score 
If after doing tests in a) score is greater than needed I would like to stop 
scanning with spam result. If score is not big enough I would like that 
SpamAssassing start tests from b). 
If this is not possible, I would be happy to do it with third group with just 
one test to shortcircuit scanning. 
I read manual for Mail::SpamAssassin::Plugin::Shortcircuit but I must admit it 
is to hard for one beginner. 
and I've got an answer that it is not possible to do something similar with 
current Shortcircuit plugin. I think it would be great feature when 
performance is bottleneck so I'm posting this as RFE. If it is possible to do 
something like that with SpamAssassin architecture I think it would be less 
then 20 lines of code. Today after reading about some CPU intensive plugins 
I'm even more interested about such Shortcircuit feature.

Comment 1 Theo Van Dinter 2008-02-05 08:54:15 UTC
fwiw, this boils down to adding in the capability to the ShortCircuit plugin to exit on score.  related to http://issues.apache.org/SpamAssassin/show_bug.cgi?id=3109#c7 ...
Comment 2 Justin Mason 2008-02-05 08:59:42 UTC
(In reply to comment #1)
> fwiw, this boils down to adding in the capability to the ShortCircuit plugin
to exit on score.

well, it'd be cleaner to just add a new ShortcircuitScore plugin, based on
Shortcircuit.pm.  It could probably be done in about 20 lines of very basic perl
code -- all it needs is someone to step up and do it. ;)
Comment 3 giga328 2008-02-05 13:13:29 UTC
Hi Justin, Theo,

I’m preparing SpamAssassin for our system for two weeks now and since it is my 
current project I spent about 100+ hours installing, configuring, testing and 
of course reading documentation and exploring what other guys did with 
SpamAssassin. I don’t think I’m right person to do patch or plugin since I’m 
not so good perl programmer.
In this phase I will be very pleased if somebody with great experience and 
knowledge of SpamAssassin architecture can comment if idea for this RFE is ok.

Comment 4 Henrik Krohns 2019-06-24 15:21:23 UTC
I might think about this for 4.0.0. It's not that hard to abort when score is above spam autolearning score or such.