Bug 5357 - RFE: split scan process into two parts for efficient multi-recipient handling
Summary: RFE: split scan process into two parts for efficient multi-recipient handling
Status: NEW
Alias: None
Product: Spamassassin
Classification: Unclassified
Component: Libraries (show other bugs)
Version: SVN Trunk (Latest Devel Version)
Hardware: Other other
: P5 enhancement
Target Milestone: Future
Assignee: SpamAssassin Developer Mailing List
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Reported: 2007-02-27 15:26 UTC by Justin Mason
Modified: 2009-10-30 17:34 UTC (History)
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Description Justin Mason 2007-02-27 15:26:15 UTC
another from Mark Martinec:

>Split the process into two parts:
>- parsing and munging of mail & rules, resulting in a set of
>  findings (e.g. a list of rules being hit, perhaps somehow
>  generalized). This section can be done once per message,
>  regardless of the number of recipients to the message
>  (assuming all users use the same rules);
>- based on the above, score the findings, possibly
>  applying per-recipient scoring to each rule being hit;
>  This (rather inexpensive) step can be applied for each
>  recipient individually, without having to re-process
>  an entire message in multiple-recipient mail.
>...and adjust the API to Mail::SpamAssassin accordingly, so that
>MTA-based content filtering (e.g. amavisd-new) could take advantage
>of it, while still allowing full per-recipient customization of
>individual rules scores (including disabling some by a score of 0).
>Benefits depend on a site, but our stats show 1.46 recipients
>per message on the average. The above change (when calling SA
>at MTA level) would bring a 46 % increase in througput for free,
>while still providing individualized rules scoring. 

I like the idea -- needs more thought but the general idea
sounds workable.