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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
20866 Apache h mod_cgi bugs RESO DUPL cgi script just hangs at end, then apr_bucket_read error 2004-11-16
28025 Apache h All bugs RESO DUPL Looping cp, mv, or ftp >50 locks cgi script return to client browser 2004-11-16
28656 Apache h Core bugs RESO DUPL consecutive ssh commands from a CGI timeout 2022-08-17
10515 Apache h mod_cgi bugs CLOS DUPL cgi lock when writing to stderr 2004-11-16
22318 Apache h All bugs CLOS DUPL Apache Hangs with Excessive Warnings 2004-11-16
22900 Apache h Core bugs CLOS DUPL Perl Scripts executing with debug mode "-w" using DBI causing child hangs 2004-11-16
23473 Apache h mpm_pref bugs CLOS DUPL Hangs in poll() while child is waiting in write() 2004-11-16
28816 Apache h Core bugs CLOS DUPL CGI programs will not detach unless STDERR is also closed 2004-11-16
29533 Apache h Core bugs CLOS DUPL deadlock 2005-02-08
9 bugs found.


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