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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
46644 Apache h mod_suex bugs NEW --- Clean way to pass custom environment variables to suexec-ed CGI script 2011-07-11
41760 Apache h Core bugs RESO WONT "AllowOverride None" considered harmful to security, deprecate it 2009-09-25
39313 Apache h mod_rewr bugs RESO FIXE RewriteOption Inherit adds global rules AFTER local rules. You may want the other odrer. 2012-02-26
46743 Apache h mod_rewr bugs RESO LATE Inconsistent behavior of "RewriteOptions inherit" in htaccess file 2018-11-07
50227 Apache h mod_ssl bugs RESO LATE Option to fail SSL handshake for diverted SNI connections 2018-11-07
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