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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
44685 Tomcat 5 Connecto dev RESO DUPL Base64 encoded value of cookie is not parsed correctly. 2008-03-26
44871 Tomcat 5 Servlet dev RESO DUPL Cookie parsing issue 2008-04-24
46177 Tomcat 5 Unknown dev RESO DUPL Cookie Values are cut off 2010-05-05
46603 Tomcat 5 Unknown dev RESO DUPL Cookies retrieved from tomcat server is not correct 2009-01-27
47429 Tomcat 6 Servlet dev RESO DUPL Cookie value with equal sign getting truncated 2010-05-05
49252 Tomcat 6 Catalina dev RESO DUPL Reading a cookie with an '=' in the value is truncated 2010-05-05
6 bugs found.