Mon Apr 22 2019 08:47:46 UTC
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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
62682 Apache h mod_cgid bugs NEW --- mod_cgid ignores virt host ErrorLog directive 2018-09-05
62483 Apache h mod_cgid bugs NEW --- Unusable entries in error_log when event MPM is activated 2018-06-22
54221 Apache h mod_cgid bugs REOP --- no ErrorLog prefix on CGI errors 2018-06-22
60692 Apache h mod_cgid bugs NEW --- ErrorLog directive ignored for CGI scripts running under mod_cgid 2017-03-02
38995 Apache h mod_cgid bugs NEW --- httpd tries to communicate with the CGI daemon even after a graceful shutdown 2013-07-05
50444 Apache h mod_cgid bugs NEW --- Pre-close logging handles in cgid agent 2010-12-09
6 bugs found.


File a new bug in the "mod_cgid" component of the "Apache httpd-2" product