Sun Feb 23 2020 12:47:31 UTC
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12 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
63993 Tomcat 7 Catalina dev NEED --- Fatal error EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION are thrown while the load test scenario includes multiple concurrent connections 2020-01-16
64155 Tomcat 7 Catalina dev REOP --- Tomcat 7 Performance: acceptor thread bottleneck at getPoolSize() located at TaskQueue offer function Fri 22:10
56181 Tomcat 7 Catalina dev NEW --- RemoteIpValve & RemoteIpFilter: HttpServletRequest.getRemoteHost() returns IP instead of hostname with enableLookups=true and x-forwarded-for header 2014-02-25
55470 Tomcat 7 Catalina dev NEW --- Help users for ClassNotFoundExceptions during startup [PATCH] 2014-04-11
56787 Tomcat 7 Catalina dev NEW --- Simplified jndi name parsing 2014-09-16
57367 Tomcat 7 Catalina dev NEW --- If JAR scan experiences a stack overflow, give the URL from which each class in the loop was loaded in the complaint 2014-12-19
57872 Tomcat 7 Catalina dev NEW --- Do not auto-switch session cookie to version=1 due to '/' in Path when running in "strict compliance" mode (Internet Explorer and rfc6265) 2015-04-29
57892 Tomcat 7 Catalina dev NEW --- Log once a warning if a symbolic link is ignored (e.g. to web.xml ) 2015-05-06
56438 Tomcat 7 Catalina dev NEW --- If jar scan does not find context config or TLD config, log a message 2018-05-12
55477 Tomcat 7 Catalina dev NEW --- Add a solution to map a realm name to a security role 2020-01-24
64157 Tomcat 7 Catalina dev NEW --- Tomcat 7 performance: enable tomcat to pre-start pool of min spare threads optionally Tue 18:43
64158 Tomcat 7 Catalina dev NEW --- Tomcat 7 performance: remove enforcement that disable keep-alive when busy threads go above disable-keep-alive-percentage Tue 18:55
12 bugs found.


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