Mon Jun 17 2019 09:01:53 UTC
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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
53940 Tomcat N Library dev NEW --- Added support for new CRL loading after expiration 2018-03-19
57815 Tomcat N Library dev NEW --- Improve error message when OpenSSL does not support the requested highest SSLProtocol 2015-04-17
59286 Tomcat N Library dev NEW --- Socket binding failures when using APR 2016-04-14
62911 Tomcat N Library dev NEW --- Add support for proxying ocsp requests via ProxyHost and ProxyPort in TomcAt 2019-01-15
63159 Tomcat N Library dev NEW --- Problem with native/ introduced with native v1.2.21 2019-02-08
63199 Tomcat N Library dev NEW --- sslsocket handshake JVM crash 2019-02-22
63405 Tomcat N Library dev NEW --- Tomcat EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION - Problematic frame tcnative-1.dll+0x802e 2019-05-06
63356 Tomcat N Library dev REOP --- OCSP_parse_url error while parsing Authority Information Access extension 2019-04-18
62626 Tomcat N Library dev NEED --- Tomcat 9.0.10 APR/Native crashes 2019-02-15
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