Fri Dec 4 2020 05:27:35 UTC
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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
62552 Apache h mod_md bugs NEW --- Loading mod_md segfaults when using DBDriver from mod_authn_dbd 2020-11-27
64337 Apache h mod_md bugs NEW --- libcurl dependency version specified incorrectly for mod_md 2020-04-17
64297 Apache h mod_md bugs NEW --- mod_md uninitialized variable 2020-04-01
63877 Apache h mod_md bugs NEW --- User notes mod_md v2.2.0 (log)messages 2019-10-23
61922 Apache h mod_md bugs NEW --- mod_md: Add upstream validation issue message to logs 2018-03-24
5 bugs found.


File a new bug in the "mod_md" component of the "Apache httpd-2" product