Fri Jun 9 2023 09:31:39 UTC
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13 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
66626 Apache h mod_ssl bugs NEW --- OCSP Stapling with Revoked Certificate are not Returning Proper Return Value Tue 20:52
66636 Apache h mod_prox bugs NEW --- hc https handshake tls1.0 (expecting tls1.2) 07:53:02
66625 POI POIFS dev NEW --- Unable to sign a docx file multiple times Mon 01:31
66629 POI XSSF dev NEW --- Formula evaluator returns wrong result form sumif formula Thu 14:54
66631 Tomcat 9 Packagin dev NEW --- Consider moving module-info.class to META-INF/versions/9 Wed 15:17
66635 Tomcat 8 Connecto dev NEW --- AbstractEndpoint#logCertificate() prints incorrect information 06:57:34
66630 Apache h Document docs NEW --- Documentation link to 404 page Wed 09:58
66624 Apache h All bugs NEED --- Using 100% CPU 07:02:33
66628 POI POI Over dev NEED --- Read excel file with restricted access: no such entry: "EncryptionInfo", had: [EncryptedPackage, Wed 23:49
66627 Tomcat 9 Util dev RESO FIXE Regression due to MessageBytes refactoring 15:37:15
66632 POI SS Commo dev RESO FIXE Incorrect default char width in SheetUtil.getDefaultCharWidth() Thu 08:54
66633 Tomcat 1 Document dev RESO INVA Inconsistent Java requirement compared to whichversion.html Thu 09:38
66634 Tomcat 8 Document dev RESO FIXE Reference links contain incorrect version for Servlet API Thu 09:27
13 bugs found.