Mon Apr 6 2020 06:23:18 UTC
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21 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
64293 APR APR bugs NEW --- Standard website components Tue 12:24
64295 Apache h mod_reqt bugs NEW --- cannot override default Virtualhost's mod_reqtimeout Tue 20:18
64297 Apache h mod_md bugs NEW --- mod_md uninitialized variable Wed 14:45
64299 Apache h All bugs NEW --- Apache Httpd is not allowing all ip address Thu 06:50
64304 Apache h Platform bugs NEW --- Header apr_perms_set.h missing (mod_wsgi install/build fail) Fri 14:44
64306 Apache h mod_ssl bugs NEW --- Error "AH01977: failed reading line from OCSP server" with local OCSP proxy due to timeout Sat 00:29
64308 Apache h mod_ssl bugs NEW --- Wrong private key, but Apache started. 12:53:18
64291 POI HSSF dev NEW --- RecordFormatException: Not enough data (2) to read requested (4) bytes 2020-03-30
64294 POI XSSF dev NEW --- Incompatibility with dataValidation tag in Excel, LibreOffice newest versions Tue 16:10
64309 Tomcat 9 Catalina dev NEW --- Improve repository regular expression performance used for bootstrapping Catalina 20:22:13
64307 Apache h Document docs NEW --- Mention the full list of what character ranges will be escaped unless [NE] is used Sat 11:10
64296 JMeter Main issues NEW --- JMeter 5.2.1 not starting anymore Wed 06:12
64298 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- 在csv data set中以相对路径引用csv文件后在命令行执行脚本时无法读取到csv文件 Wed 13:05
64300 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Unable to execute Remote Start Wed 19:15
64302 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Hyperlink error in some html documents under printable_docs folder Fri 08:44
64305 JMeter Main issues NEED --- Produce a self contained index.html for the whole report Fri 21:32
64290 Tomcat 8 Util dev RESO WONT Regression: The commit from December 06 2019 on FileUploadBase introduced an incompatible API change 2020-03-30
64301 POI OPC dev RESO FIXE Allow try-with-resources with OPCPackage.revert() Wed 23:24
64303 Tomcat 9 Jasper dev RESO INVA My Application is working fine in prev version of all tomcat, Planning to upgrade to 9.0.31 . I am running into the following issue.. Pls help org.apache.jasper.JasperException: org.apache.jasper.JasperException: Unable to compile class for JSP Fri 13:57
64289 JMeter HTTP issues RESO FIXE Make httpclient4.time_to_live defaults to 60000 to be closer to typical browser behavior 2020-03-30
64292 Ant .NET Ant notifications RESO INVA Biji 2020-03-30
21 bugs found.