Sun Jul 25 2021 03:29:21 UTC
its not whats on the outside its the inside that counts :D !!wink wink :D
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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
65460 Tomcat 9 Catalina dev RESO FIXE http2 request hang on request read Fri 15:01
65455 Tomcat 8 Connecto dev NEED --- after about 10 days ago, tomcat8.5.63 can't response web request again Mon 13:52
65457 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- SSL Handshake errors on fetching the embedded resources Tue 08:41
65461 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- WrappedX509KeyManager ignores key types Fri 15:27
65459 Tomcat N Library dev NEW --- pkg-config file missing but still referenced by tcnative.spec Tue 23:47
65456 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Upgrade commons-jexl 3 Mon 08:09
65458 Tomcat 8 WebSocke dev RESO FIXE NPE when using a lambda in Session.addMessageHandler Fri 02:14
65462 POI XSSF dev NEW --- add support for threaded comments (excel) Thu 15:36
8 bugs found.