Sat Jul 13 2024 15:47:51 UTC
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15 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
69178 POI OPC dev NEW --- ZipPartMarshaller uses hardcoded value for MS compatibility mode Tue 15:53
69180 Tomcat 1 Packagin dev NEED --- Windows Tomcat service crashes in certain cases Fri 18:11
69182 Tomcat 9 Connecto dev NEW --- Tomcat doesn't seem to call SSLEngine.closeInbound when the HTTPS client disconnects Thu 08:49
69187 Tomcat 9 Util dev RESO INVA SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM Fri 18:13
69188 Tomcat C Common dev RESO INVA SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM Fri 18:14
69189 Tomcat N Library dev RESO INVA SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM Fri 18:22
69190 Tomcat N Document dev RESO INVA SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM 21:55:41
69192 Tomcat C Common dev RESO INVA SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM 13:58:57
69172 POI POI Over dev RESO INFO PDF parse incorrect one character a line Mon 05:14
69173 Apache h mod_auth bugs NEW --- Ldap authorization suddenly fails after been working for a period of time for all users. Mon 13:32
69170 Apache h mod_head bugs RESO FIXE In-place upgrade broken since 2.4.60 Mon 07:23
69181 Apache h Document docs NEW --- Delayed SECURITY entries in CHANGES file Thu 15:51
69185 Apache h All bugs NEW --- Choosing Abroad Gateway means choosing excellence in IELTS Coaching in Chandigarh. Our structured curriculum covers all modules of the exam – Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking – with in-depth strategies and practice sessions. Our goal is not just Fri 06:39
69191 Tomcat 1 Manager dev NEW --- CDI Injection does not work properly 09:13:15
69186 Apache h Core bugs NEW --- Apache httpd generates body for 205 status code Fri 07:54
15 bugs found.