Tue May 21 2024 11:35:09 UTC
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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
69030 WebSH WebSH websh-dev NEW --- https://redactedstore.com 00:21:00
69029 WebSH WebSH websh-dev NEW --- https://footunder.com/ Mon 12:43
68970 Apache h mod_cgi bugs RESO FIXE mod_deflate no longer properly handles chunked responses from CGI scripts Mon 11:45
68757 WebSH WebSH websh-dev NEW --- Bug 04:45:55
68600 WebSH WebSH websh-dev NEW --- Sattva Green Groves Mon 13:26
61980 Apache h mod_cgi bugs RESO FIXE Improve mod_cgi message for CGI stderr output Mon 11:46
51030 Apache h mod_cgi bugs RESO INVA Way to terminate CGI immediatly after closing connection Mon 13:28
50948 Apache h mod_cgi bugs RESO INVA Connection not closed when CGI dies waiting for POST data Mon 13:26
8 bugs found.