Fri Apr 23 2021 09:33:22 UTC
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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
65228 POI XSLF dev RESO FIXE the method getCap() does not work correctly in xslf.usermodel.XSLFTextRun 22:10:54
62610 Apache h Document docs RESO DUPL WebAssembly doesn't work on Firefox/Chrome due to missing MIME type 06:27:05
63162 Apache h mod_mime bugs NEW --- Missing AddType application/wasm .wasm 06:27:05
64462 Apache h All bugs NEW --- [Feature Request] Support for HTTP/3 23:54:04
65260 POI SXSSF dev NEW --- Issue Thu 10:04
65262 Tomcat 1 WebSocke dev NEW --- Enable websocket endpoints to be IoC friendly (javaee integration at least) 07:33:10
65259 JMeter Main issues NEW --- JMESPathExtractor Attribute Match No. Required Thu 09:36
65261 Ant DBPatch notifications NEW --- togel online Thu 14:34
8 bugs found.