Thu Apr 15 2021 00:37:51 UTC
Subject: JVM' sperm size always increase after hot deploy to tomcat 5.0.28 (Seen on tomcat-user list, April 2005)
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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
65243 Apache h Document docs NEW --- (at least) env.html still uses legacy directives 23:25:34
53667 Apache h mod_prox bugs NEW --- Add an equivalent option to "JkOptions ForwardLocalAddress" to mod_proxy_ajp. 10:02:26
50945 Apache h mod_prox bugs REOP --- AJP: Missing support for ErrorOverride 10:02:44
64016 Apache h All bugs NEW --- Apache HTTPD intermittently report errors AH01084 and AH01097 with 502 10:00:01
65242 Apache h Document docs NEW --- DirectoryCheckHandler ambiguous 21:17:43
65044 Apache h mod_prox bugs NEW --- Improve documentation for passing variables to Tomcat 10:00:37
64035 Apache h Core bugs NEW --- mod_proxy_ajp: ProxyPass directive seems to be susceptible to Timeout in httpd.conf 10:04:28
65240 Tomcat 7 Integrat dev NEED --- Multi line CATALINA_OPTS is failing in with new 18:51:11
64537 Apache h mod_prox bugs NEW --- ProxyPassMatch with mod_proxy_ajp ignores AJP secret 10:01:10
9 bugs found.