Tue Jan 28 2020 14:09:53 UTC
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31 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
60681 Apache h Core bugs NEW --- Increase severity of "request failed: error reading the headers" Sat 17:55
61219 Apache h mod_auto bugs NEW --- Indexes not "mobile ready" Sun 22:08
62120 Apache h mod_prox bugs NEW --- Cannot work mod_proxy when BalancerMember in httpd-vhshots.conf use hcheck module have context root '/' . Sat 18:04
62989 Apache h All bugs NEW --- HTML generated by Apache httpd itself is often invalid or uses ancient doctypes (and patches to fix that) 2020-01-22
63626 Apache h mod_prox bugs NEW --- mod_proxy_http uses incorrect status codes for timed out upstream requests Thu 20:20
63628 Apache h mod_prox bugs NEW --- Support specifying the http status codes to be considered by ProxyErrorOverride Fri 16:46
64077 Apache h mod_user bugs NEW --- Support SameSite, Secure and httpOnly parameter Wed 20:03
55477 Tomcat 7 Catalina dev NEW --- Add a solution to map a realm name to a security role Fri 18:39
64036 POI POI Over dev NEW --- Replace reflection calls in factories for Java 9+ Mon 00:31
64085 POI POI Over dev NEW --- IRR function doesn't work properly for certain values Wed 19:04
64089 Tomcat 8 Catalina dev NEW --- Resource paths resolve symlinks Mon 19:14
60026 Apache h Document docs NEW --- Please initially hide (red) Notice from Comments section Fri 03:15
64094 Apache h Document docs NEW --- Document that SSLProtocol all includes TLSv1.3 Thu 18:27
64091 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Precise Throughput Timer might produce less samples when low test duration is used Thu 08:50
64093 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Threadgroups run with outdated parameters after updating them via PreProcessor Thu 13:21
64103 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Throughput controller causes stack overflow/latency spike towards end of test 02:01:13
63307 Apache h All bugs NEED --- apxs gives "use of uninitialized value in concatenation" error 2020-01-22
64096 Apache h mod_cgi bugs NEED --- mod_cgi leaks memory after timeouts Mon 19:02
64100 Apache h All bugs NEED --- Windows Server, Apache 32bit httpd child process restarts every few minutes: “[crit] Memory allocation failed, aborting process” Mon 19:55
64082 Tomcat 8 Connecto dev NEED --- Nio2Endpoint for async request doesn't clear OutputBuffer when socket has already been closed (response mixup) 20:33:48
64101 JMeter HTTP issues NEED --- Problem in Test Run 21:14:18
64102 JMeter Main issues NEED --- Please add missed translated Chinese "Tools" 20:54:23
62318 Apache h mod_prox bugs RESO FIXE healthcheck executed more often than configured in hcinterval Sat 18:01
63908 Apache h mod_cgi bugs RESO INVA Alternate Group setting prevents access to CGI pipe Fri 15:16
64099 Apache h All bugs RESO WONT Support for HTTP server police investigations Mon 18:56
64045 POI XSSF dev RESO FIXE XSSFWorkbook constructor doesn't close ZipFile if an exception occurs Wed 19:31
64097 Tomcat 9 EL dev RESO FIXE Service loader implementation incomplete Mon 12:31
64098 POI XWPF dev RESO FIXE Whitespace in text not preserved if starting with tab character Sun 21:43
64095 JMeter HTTP issues RESO INFO Scheduler Option not available in thread group Mon 07:49
64092 Ant Core notifications RESO WORK problem with my ms office heating issue Thu 12:00
28657 Apache h mod_nego bugs RESO FIXE mod_negotiation should not store Content-Location header as an error header 07:02:50
31 bugs found.