Thu May 28 2020 02:33:43 UTC
It's not a bug. It's an undocumented feature.
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28 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
50179 Ant Core tas notifications NEW --- Properties declared as "local" are not accessible via propertyset 2020-05-21
62995 Ant Core tas notifications NEW --- Unzip performance regression on Windows due to BZ 62502 Sat 06:06
64469 Ant Core tas notifications NEW --- Ant build.xml fails with "Unable to create javax script engine for javascript" with latest JDK 15 due to removal of Nashorn 16:10:43
34633 Ant Optional notifications REOP --- ReplaceRegExp periodically errors out with "Couldn't rename temporary file" Sat 06:05
64468 Ant Core tas notifications RESO CLOS qaxrov Sat 07:58
64465 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Gradle module metadata refers to invalid 'bom' artifact 2020-05-21
64466 Apache h Document docs NEW --- wrong link in Fri 09:23
63290 POI XSLF dev NEW --- PPTX To Png changes font sizes and colors 2020-05-21
64411 POI POI Over dev NEW --- Provide JigSaw modules 19:50:25
64418 POI XWPF dev NEW --- Finding text in textfields is very slow Tue 21:57
64442 Tomcat 1 Catalina dev NEW --- Re-use roles and groups defined on users on MemoryUserDatabase creation Tue 15:45
64473 POI OPC dev NEW ---, PackageAccess.READ) does not open valid xlsx file 13:04:04
60102 POI XWPF dev REOP --- Improve error message when writing a document that has been closed Sat 05:31
51813 Tomcat N Library dev RESO FIXE Tomcat randomly crashes with [] Java_org_apache_tomcat_jni_Socket_sendbb+0x5a Fri 09:38
64467 Tomcat 9 Connecto dev RESO FIXE Http2 tomact server taking time in responding when 1st StreamId is a large integer value like 2147483641 Fri 10:41
64470 Tomcat 9 Connecto dev RESO FIXE ALLOW_ENCODED_SLASH property doesn't work with 9.0.35 anymore Mon 15:08
64471 Tomcat 9 Catalina dev RESO INVA Rfc6265CookieProcessor doesn't consider IPv6 00:19:00
64474 Tomcat 8 Util dev RESO FIXE Truststore validation is failing to show detailed log messages for out-of-date entries 16:50:57
64472 Apache h mod_auth bugs NEW --- mod_auth_digest module's AuthDigestProvider directive does not sets 'ldap' as provider to authenticate users from LDAP Wed 08:09
40592 Apache h flood bugs NEW --- flood: corrupt output with report_relative_times Mon 08:10
61090 Apache h mod_prox bugs NEW --- mod_proxy gives 502 on early HTTP response (3xx, 4xx, 5xx) Fri 16:18
61179 Apache h Core bugs NEW --- TTLimit directive to set maximum allowed IP_TTL Fri 18:31
61820 Apache h Core bugs NEW --- 304 headers stripped 16:38:58
64016 Apache h All bugs NEW --- Apache HTTPD intermittently report errors AH01084 and AH01097 with 502 2020-05-21
64379 Apache h mod_prox bugs NEW --- Getting old buffer + header + correct response 2020-05-21
24095 Apache h mpm_winn bugs REOP --- ERROR "Parent: child process exited with status 3221225477 -- Restarting" Sat 06:05
64452 Apache h mod_prox bugs REOP --- modproxy.tmp Files filling up /tmp after upgrade to 2.4.43 23:23:32
44221 Apache h mod_spel bugs REOP --- CheckCaseOnly On does not stop Multiple Choices based on common basename Sun 23:40
28 bugs found.