Thu May 13 2021 07:04:15 UTC
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26 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
60922 JMeter Main issues NEW --- AccessLogSampler returns error result when EOF is reached Tue 06:36
65290 JMeter Main issues NEW --- How can I use Jmeter desktop application as web app and expose this on some port ? 2021-05-06
65295 JMeter Main issues NEW --- add Workspace to show all jmx file for test project Mon 08:20
65299 JMeter Main issues NEW --- JSONPathAssertion attributes are out of order Tue 18:30
64523 JMeter Main issues NEW --- cURL Import : Query parameters should be added in 'Parameters' section instead of request path. Mon 18:53
65263 JMeter HTTP issues NEED --- JMeter pressure duration is up, occasionally a thread does not stop Sat 11:14
65270 JMeter Main issues NEED --- POST application/x-www-form-urlencoded cURL code generated from Postman is not imported correctly Sat 11:18
65288 JMeter Main issues NEED --- Passing the IPV6 address as Remote servers for Distrubuted Jmeter set up Sat 11:00
65300 JMeter Main issues NEED --- Uncaught Exception java.lang.IllegalAccessError 18:10:24
61669 JMeter HTTP issues NEED --- HTTP sampler corrupts file with Chinese characters when upload file with http sampler (NEED REPRODUCER CASE to confirm) Sat 11:08
65275 JMeter HTTP issues RESO DUPL File upload Content-Disposition encoding error Sat 11:08
65298 JMeter Main issues RESO FIXE JMeter crash on Mac OS 11.2.3 Tue 09:21
64844 POI XSLF dev NEW --- Incorrect sizes of images in SVG Sat 21:57
65267 Tomcat 1 Catalina dev NEW --- Implement mod_headers like filter Tue 16:01
65292 POI XWPF dev NEW --- createRow() leads to corrupted word file Fri 21:12
65301 Tomcat 9 Catalina dev NEW --- the enableLookups configuration is not fully active 02:12:29
65302 Tomcat 9 Catalina dev NEW --- Add support for setting com.sun.jndi.ldap.tls.cbtype 18:26:06
65291 POI XWPF dev NEED --- XWPFRun method getStyle() throws an ArrayOutOfBoundsException 2021-05-07
55383 Tomcat 8 Document dev RESO FIXE Improve markup and design of Tomcat's HTML pages Tue 15:57
58837 Tomcat 8 Catalina dev RESO DUPL support "X-Content-Security-Policy" a.k.a as "CSP" Tue 16:01
62150 Tomcat 8 Catalina dev RESO WONT Behavior of relative paths with RequestDispatcher has changed Tue 16:03
65293 POI POI Over dev RESO FIXE NPE in HwmfPicture in init() Fri 15:45
65294 Apache h All bugs NEW --- Reverse proxy regression for websockets application Tue 21:17
65296 Apache h Build bugs NEW --- build/install from source, ownership/permissions of serveral files not set to root:root Sat 22:15
65297 APR APR bugs NEW --- Why is there a limited number of 'arch' headers installed Mon 08:29
59798 Apache h mod_ssl bugs RESO FIXE Apache crashes with child process exited with status 3221226356 Wed 11:23
26 bugs found.