Mon May 10 2021 02:57:13 UTC
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40 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
55898 Apache h All bugs NEW --- [RFE] listen on unix socket? 2021-05-03
65294 Apache h All bugs NEW --- Reverse proxy regression for websockets application 13:31:38
65296 Apache h Build bugs NEW --- build/install from source, ownership/permissions of serveral files not set to root:root Sat 22:15
63282 Apache h mod_cach bugs NEW --- Cache keys incorrect on rewrite 2021-05-03
65285 Apache h mod_expi bugs NEW --- mod_expires adds extra Cache-Control header 2021-05-03
65286 Apache h mod_prox bugs NEW --- Websockets connections fail with Apache as forward proxy Tue 15:07
52989 JMeter Main issues NEW --- JMeter client(OS enabled IPv4 & IPv6) couldn't control both IPv4 only JMeter server and IPv6 only JMeter server at same time. Wed 12:01
65290 JMeter Main issues NEW --- How can I use Jmeter desktop application as web app and expose this on some port ? Thu 14:27
65295 JMeter Main issues NEW --- add Workspace to show all jmx file for test project Sat 03:34
64844 POI XSLF dev NEW --- Incorrect sizes of images in SVG Sat 21:57
65289 POI XSSF dev NEW --- XSSFWorkbook.cloneSheet leading to save prompt by Excel without any changes done Wed 15:08
65292 POI XWPF dev NEW --- createRow() leads to corrupted word file Fri 21:12
65267 Tomcat 1 Catalina dev NEW --- Implement mod_headers like filter Thu 15:57
55477 Tomcat 8 Catalina dev NEW --- Add a solution to map a realm name to a security role Wed 11:33
56787 Tomcat 8 Catalina dev NEW --- Simplified jndi name parsing Wed 11:33
55470 Tomcat 8 Catalina dev NEW --- Help users for ClassNotFoundExceptions during startup [PATCH] Wed 11:33
56438 Tomcat 8 Catalina dev NEW --- If jar scan does not find context config or TLD config, log a message Wed 11:33
57367 Tomcat 8 Catalina dev NEW --- If JAR scan experiences a stack overflow, give the URL from which each class in the loop was loaded in the complaint Wed 11:33
57872 Tomcat 8 Catalina dev NEW --- Do not auto-switch session cookie to version=1 due to '/' in Path when running in "strict compliance" mode (Internet Explorer and rfc6265) Wed 11:33
57827 Tomcat 8 Cluster dev NEW --- Enable adding/removing of members via jmx in a static-membership cluster Wed 11:34
56148 Tomcat 8 Connecto dev NEW --- support (multiple) ocsp stapling Wed 11:35
56300 Tomcat 8 Document dev NEW --- [Tribes] No useful examples, lack of documentation Wed 11:34
63167 Tomcat 8 Document dev NEW --- Network Requirements To Resolve No Members Active In Cluster Group Wed 11:34
56614 Tomcat 8 Jasper dev NEW --- Add a switch to ignore annotations detection on tag instances for performance reason Wed 11:34
60597 Tomcat 8 WebSocke dev NEW --- Add ability to set cipher suites for websocket client connections Wed 11:34
61820 Apache h Core bugs REOP --- 304 headers stripped 2021-05-04
61669 JMeter HTTP issues NEED --- HTTP sampler corrupts file with Chinese characters when upload file with http sampler (NEED REPRODUCER CASE to confirm) Sat 11:08
65263 JMeter HTTP issues NEED --- JMeter pressure duration is up, occasionally a thread does not stop Sat 11:14
65288 JMeter Main issues NEED --- Passing the IPV6 address as Remote servers for Distrubuted Jmeter set up Sat 11:00
65270 JMeter Main issues NEED --- POST application/x-www-form-urlencoded cURL code generated from Postman is not imported correctly Sat 11:18
65282 POI XWPF dev NEED --- XWPFParagraph's addRun method only adds to run collection, missing iRun collection Thu 06:38
65291 POI XWPF dev NEED --- XWPFRun method getStyle() throws an ArrayOutOfBoundsException Fri 02:03
65287 Apache h mod_prox bugs RESO FIXE balance-manager app produces bad html - no space between attributes Tue 16:49
65275 JMeter HTTP issues RESO DUPL File upload Content-Disposition encoding error Sat 11:08
65293 POI POI Over dev RESO FIXE NPE in HwmfPicture in init() Fri 15:45
65262 Tomcat 1 WebSocke dev RESO FIXE Enable websocket endpoints to be IoC friendly (javaee integration at least) Wed 15:22
65281 Tomcat 9 Connecto dev RESO INVA Tomcat does not process correctly Etag and send HTTP 400 error code 2021-05-03
65277 Tomcat 9 Connecto dev RESO INVA org.apache.coyote.ajp.AjpProcessor.service Error processing request java.lang.NullPointerException Tue 06:16
65272 Tomcat 9 Connecto dev RESO FIXE Problems proccessing HTTP request without CR in last versions Wed 11:30
65244 Tomcat 9 Servlet dev RESO FIXE annotations from @HandlesTypes are checked only at class level when scanning Wed 13:48
40 bugs found.