Fri Sep 17 2021 17:22:12 UTC
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17 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
65574 POI XSSF dev NEW --- Update xlsx file when its is already created Thu 10:56
65571 Tomcat 9 Util dev NEED --- ClientAbortException in Tomcat 9.0.50 and 9.0.52 Thu 07:47
65562 POI SXSSF dev NEW --- SXSSF doesn't update dimension field Sun 12:30
65572 POI SS Commo dev NEW --- Check for existing Sheet fails for names > 31 characters Thu 22:03
65576 POI POI Over dev NEW --- get approval for or replace for StringCodepointsIterable Thu 19:27
65573 POI POI Over dev RESO FIXE POI bin tgz on CI build is missing poi-ooxml-lite jar Thu 17:48
65517 Tomcat 9 Packagin dev RESO INVA upgrade to axis2-adb 1.8.0 to address CVE-2020-0822 Wed 16:10
65575 Apache h mod_prox bugs NEED --- Segmentation fault when backend answers with a response not containing the last CRLF Thu 11:51
65567 Apache h mod_md bugs RESO FIXE mod_md OCSP stapling not updated, log md_curl.c:551: md_curl_multi_perform: Assertion `running == requests->nelts' failed. Wed 13:42
65579 JMeter Main issues NEW --- after run jmeter, click clear all button, The log shows NullPointerException 15:41:39
65569 JMeter Main issues NEED --- JSR223 sampler SampleResult.setIgnore() caches script even when unchecked caching Tue 14:38
65570 Tomcat 9 Document dev RESO FIXE Shared KEYS files must contain keys for all relevant release Thu 09:11
65578 Apache h Document docs RESO INVA Texts 06:45:06
65577 Tomcat 8 Connecto dev RESO FIXE Intermittent AccessControlException using NIO2 with security manager enabled 13:26:17
65553 Tomcat 9 Catalina dev NEW --- Orphaned thread by JNDIRealm / clearReferencesThreads reports memory leak Thu 08:20
65568 APR APR bugs RESO FIXE "License" should link to: http[s]://[/] Sun 14:44
64753 APR APR bugs NEW --- Can not determine the proper size for pid_t Sat 17:41
17 bugs found.