Sat Jun 19 2021 09:11:26 UTC
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24 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
65375 Tomcat C isapi dev NEW --- IIS 10.0 as Tomcat reverse proxy does not send auth_type and remote_user AJP heder Mon 06:33
63244 Tomcat 9 Catalina dev RESO FIXE CATALINA_PID never get written Thu 13:47
63932 Tomcat 9 Connecto dev RESO FIXE Content compression breaks contract of ETag Tue 16:54
65368 Tomcat 9 Util dev RESO FIXE enhance error message "Unable to unwrap data, invalid status [CLOSED]" Tue 09:42
65384 Tomcat 9 Connecto dev RESO FIXE org.apache.coyote.http2.TestFlowControl test depends on user's language Fri 09:22
65390 Tomcat 9 Jasper dev RESO FIXE Problem in the code generated by jasper 16:05:53
63191 Tomcat 9 WebSocke dev RESO FIXE RemoteEndpoint.Async#sendText(String, SendHandler) never calls the callback Wed 10:59
65369 Tomcat 9 Packagin dev RESO FIXE Windows Service not open modules for Java 16 Wed 14:04
65302 Tomcat 9 Catalina dev NEW --- Add support for setting com.sun.jndi.ldap.tls.cbtype Wed 13:42
65377 Tomcat 9 Jasper dev NEW --- Migrate Jasper's use of deprecated boxed primitive constructors Mon 21:21
62343 Tomcat 8 Catalina dev RESO FIXE CORS security: reflecting any origin header value when configured to * is dangerous Sun 13:17
65373 Tomcat 8 Catalina dev RESO INVA LDAP authentication failing for some characters in 8.5.66 but works in 8.5.65 Tue 09:27
60030 Tomcat 8 Catalina dev RESO REMI Run away CPU with JSSE / OpenSSL with IE8 Thu 09:16
65387 Tomcat 1 Jasper dev RESO FIXE JSP compile error after upgrade 10.0.6 -> 10.0.7 Fri 13:55
65382 Tomcat 1 Packagin dev RESO WORK Silent installation fails Wed 12:46
65385 Tomcat 1 Document dev REOP --- Link to Maven Central is not valid Thu 16:18
58654 POI POI Over dev NEED --- Extraction fails when data is inserted using Microsoft Field Control Mon 17:56
59388 POI XSSF dev NEW --- setComment with option isVisible Wed 20:17
65374 POI XSSF dev NEW --- XSSFRichTextString Fine-grained thickening does not work Tue 14:52
65388 JMeter Main issues RESO DUPL Unable to make field private static * accessible module * does not * to unnamed module Thu 15:49
65300 JMeter Main issues NEED --- Uncaught Exception java.lang.IllegalAccessError Thu 15:07
64249 Apache h mod_http bugs RESO FIXE Fix read-after-free in http2 response-reader when a response is discarded Thu 11:56
65380 Apache h mod_head bugs NEW --- "Location" header not covered in ap_headers_error_filter Tue 10:47
65381 Ant Core tas notifications NEW --- java task without fork=yes shows "WARNING: java.lang.System::setSecurityManager is deprecated and will be removed in a future release...." with jd17ea26 Thu 17:02
24 bugs found.