Sat Nov 27 2021 12:58:52 UTC
Microsoft's communication protocols are simple internet standards obfuscated in complex RPC calls - Microsoft calls this its intellectual property crown jewels. (Andrew Orlowski, The Register)
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10 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
34994 Lenya Default dev REOP --- Basic WebDAV functionality 2007-11-21
38900 Lenya Default dev NEED --- Cannot save with WebDAV 2007-07-16
41425 Lenya Default dev NEW --- move core functionality from default pub into core 2007-11-05
28184 Lenya Default dev NEW --- Naming of roles and workflow states 2007-07-16
27037 Lenya Default dev NEW --- set tabindex for form fields 2007-07-16
42994 Lenya Default dev NEW --- workflow.xml should be moved into the core 2007-11-05
42874 Lenya Default dev NEW --- [Default Pub] news doctype does not show external rss feed 2007-07-19
37053 Lenya Default dev NEW --- [PATCH] CMS UI's New Document page should auto-fill Doc Id field with abbreviated title 2007-04-23
28583 Lenya Default dev NEW --- [patch] css-only default pub 2007-07-16
35407 Lenya Default dev NEW --- [PATCH] Disable caching if loggedIn or has querystring 2007-07-16
10 bugs found.