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123 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
60546 JMeter HTTP issues UNCO --- Bypass ssl certificate 2017-01-05
58609 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- JMeter support for gzip for requests when content-encoding is set to gzip 2019-05-15
59847 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Support HTTP/2 protocol 2019-05-10
47045 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- JDBC Request .sql script file execution 2012-10-24
49949 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Can't add fields to Multipart body headers 2010-12-02
52131 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Eliminate JmeterKeyStore and simplify code 2016-02-21
52199 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Http Mock Server & Http Callback Assertions 2013-02-09
53848 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- HTTP embedded URLs - provide negative regex matching 2012-09-10
55532 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Proxy recorder should create the sample before executing it 2017-03-03
55913 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Create a test case to compare performances of htmlParsers implementation that can be run in command-line mode from the Ant build script 2014-07-22
56103 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Need ability to override "Retrieve All Embedded Resources" from non-gui mode 2014-08-30
56161 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Data is corrupted on PUT request when not using 100-continue 2014-02-19
56163 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- HTTP Cache Manager only sends If-None-Match header 2014-03-17
56359 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- There should be a way to sample and stream response 2014-04-08
56979 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Cannot send "*" as OPTIONS URL; it is converted to "/*" 2014-09-12
57491 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- AJP Sample GUI includes timeout fields but these are not used 2015-03-25
57578 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- HTTPRequest : When md5 is checked Embedded Resources from HTML files should be disabled 2015-02-15
57717 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- make HTTP sampler to check certificate on SSL/TLS connections 2015-03-17
58108 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- use sampler.toString() in BeanShell PreProcessor , HTTP JMeterProperty can not be replaced anymore 2015-07-08
58279 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Allow custom HTTP Sampler 2015-08-24
58345 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Throughput controller percent settings - applying validation check(0-100) and showing % sign to further increase user-friendliness. 2015-09-08
58937 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- View Results Tree: Improve parameters display even for GET requests 2016-02-01
58938 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Ability to compare requests/responses side by side between 2 runs or 1 run and 1 recording 2016-01-29
58940 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Add ability to create a Regexp Extractor from a selected text at a particular place 2017-01-16
59041 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Capability to generate summary report for mode DiskStorage during distributed test 2016-02-22
59080 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Tests : Add Test Plans for bugs 2016-02-26
59101 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Wrong behavior with no keepalive when using JAVA Implementation (HC4 fixed since JMeter 3.0) 2018-11-01
59389 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Scripting productivity : add ability in JMeter to submit a form from the previous sampler response 2016-04-27
59614 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Ability to getSamplerCreator by header fields other than CONTENT-TYPE 2016-06-12
59632 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- HTML format the "Failed to Parse HTML : NULL" error message is displayed. 2016-07-31
59696 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Suppress output of GET HTTP Requests 2016-06-14
59952 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Expose DNS and SSL Handshake time 2018-10-01
60069 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- SamplerCreatorFactory.getSamplerCreator has two unused parameters 2016-09-17
60148 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Proxy recorder doesn't cancel pending requests when stopped 2016-09-19
60544 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Factor our common code between HttpTestSampleGui and HttpDefaultsGui 2017-01-03
60657 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Slow connection feature slows too much with HTTPS 2017-01-26
60774 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- HTML Assertion element does not handle HTML5 valid code 2017-12-08
60821 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Replace current custom ProxyControl/Proxy implementation by LittleProxy 2018-04-10
60922 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- AccessLogSampler returns error result when EOF is reached 2017-03-27
60986 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- CookieManager User-defined cookies aren't saved as variables 2017-04-19
61024 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Embedded resource download with recursive call can lead to error "org.apache.http.conn.ConnectionPoolTimeoutException" 2017-04-21
61123 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Influx measurement name 2017-09-16
61622 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- HTTP Authorization Manager: Colon in Username is not rejected for BASIC_DIGEST 2017-10-16
61643 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Header Manager : Add ability to move headers up and down 2017-11-03
61748 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Add ability to send compressed request 2018-05-07
61755 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Run : Have "Run Configuration" similar to Eclipse feature when starting a test 2017-11-14
61805 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Allow simple HTTP request 2018-11-27
62262 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Drop "Use Keep-Alive" option altogether 2018-04-05
62279 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Rework the HTTP Header Manager 2018-04-11
62288 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Study Impact of Asynchronous Samplers on Listeners 2018-07-19
62370 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- When test is ended then threads exit without completing the scenario 2018-05-11
62460 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Add ability to import a HAR 2019-05-10
62574 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Make RootCA certificate pop-up less confusing 2019-05-15
62618 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Add CONNECT as HTTP method 2018-08-25
62760 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- StackOverFlow error returned for IF controller when Loop count is set to forever 2019-09-05
63027 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Add median to dashboard Statistics 2018-12-21
63255 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- HTTP Post Request fails due to triple backslash in Body Data 2020-05-18
63278 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Controller Label Average column in Report summaries values of slaves 2019-03-22
63418 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Recording: When recording records URL encoded values, it should try to url decode them 2019-05-10
63456 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- HTTP Request: Migrate to HTTPClient 5 APIs 2019-06-01
63536 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- JMeter support for vars.putObject binary post data and gzip post data 2019-07-08
63631 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- HTTP(s) Test Script Recorder uses User Defined Variables in alphabetical descending sort instead UI sort order 2019-08-04
63635 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- HTTP parameters and URL-encoding 2019-08-05
63640 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Auto-Correlation as core functionality in JMeter 2019-08-06
63642 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- View Results Tree: Difficulty in using 'Find' feature on Response body section 2019-08-06
63917 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Transfer-encoding: chucked in HTTP Header Manager caused error 2019-11-11
63986 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Jmeter change the POST request when Json body contain blanket and slash 2019-12-09
64010 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- HttpCLient4 adds default header that can not be easly removed. (Java does not) 2019-12-17
64228 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Response Assertion do wrong when enabling the Retrieve All Embedded Resources from HTML Files in sampler 2020-03-15
64229 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- A duplicate main sampler is under the main sampler in View Results Tree 2020-03-15
64268 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Duplicate HTTP query parameters when using Parameter in HTTP Request Defaults 2020-07-26
64318 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- DNS Cache Manager - custom DNS resolver doesn't use system resolver by default 2020-04-07
64343 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- AWS S3 multipart upload 2020-04-27
64399 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- content-type “application/x-www-form-urlencoded” doesn't encode “+” to %2b 2020-04-30
64406 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- HTTP CacheManager - add option to check all headers 2020-05-03
64444 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- JMeter Response Time Mismatch : Parent Controller Response Time > Sum of Child Samplers Response Time 2020-05-15
64524 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- JMeter HTTP sampler will support asynchronous HTTP in the future to improve the performance of stand-alone test 2020-07-26
64534 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Java implementation is using my Windows credentials instead of Authorization Manager for NTLM. 2020-08-06
64589 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Failing Transaction Controller not reported in View Results Tree if it's inside an IfController with "Evaluate for all children" checked 2020-08-06
64651 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Issue with JDBC Post Processor while saving the parameter value which contains special characters which typically exists in JSON response Sun 08:56
54449 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- HTTPS requests using HC4 hang for 4-5 seconds when using IP's without reverse DNS under Windows 2016-09-27
46237 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- add skeleton-key http authentication to AccessLogSampler 2019-05-15
53648 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Add ability to read cookies from access log in Access Log Sampler 2019-05-15
62511 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- only variables defined in HTTP recorder should be substitued in HTTP requests, but variables defined under the test plan are also substituted. 2018-07-19
53540 JMeter HTTP issues REOP --- HTTP Cache Manager - 304 not modified on the main page does not retrieve the embedded resources 2014-10-22
53976 JMeter HTTP issues REOP --- Add a way to clear a Cookie on demand 2019-03-04
54005 JMeter HTTP issues REOP --- HTTP Mirror Server : Add special headers "X-" to control Response status and response content 2013-08-22
54176 JMeter HTTP issues REOP --- Regular expression markers `\Q` `\E` doesn't work for "Response Assertion" and "RE Extractor" 2012-11-21
55756 JMeter HTTP issues REOP --- HTTP Mirror Server : Add ability to set Headers 2013-11-08
60120 JMeter HTTP issues REOP --- JMeter 3.0 HTTP Request POST parameters are silently encoded 2018-06-25
62015 JMeter HTTP issues REOP --- Quotes in cookie values are stripped 2018-03-29
63481 JMeter HTTP issues REOP --- Encoding is happening while sending parameter from Post request in Jmeter 2019-08-23
64556 JMeter HTTP issues REOP --- Same form key for all iterations 2020-07-25
59943 JMeter HTTP issues REOP --- Problem with Node order using HtmlParsingUtils.getDOM which can impact HTML Link Parser 2016-08-19
57633 JMeter HTTP issues NEED --- HTTP Request : provide a way to not compute MD5 nor use response, only use size 2015-03-22
58939 JMeter HTTP issues NEED --- View Results Tree : Add ability to drop selected nodes (request/responses) 2016-01-29
59831 JMeter HTTP issues NEED --- Copy request, response and assertion to transaction sampler upon failure 2016-09-17
60649 JMeter HTTP issues NEED --- HTTP(S) Test Script Recorder: wrong postdata 2018-11-10
60696 JMeter HTTP issues NEED --- SPNEGO always canonicalizes host names, Option to pick behavior would be welcome 2017-11-04
60714 JMeter HTTP issues NEED --- java.nio.charset.MalformedInputException: Input length = 1 2017-08-28
61387 JMeter HTTP issues NEED --- plus + not supported in e-mail addresses 2019-10-01
61743 JMeter HTTP issues NEED --- Limit amount of data sent by distributed Node 2017-11-10
62045 JMeter HTTP issues NEED --- timing difference for large (?) requests 2018-03-08
62584 JMeter HTTP issues NEED --- Removing '/./' in redirected URLs (Wicket-Feature) 2018-10-27
62784 JMeter HTTP issues NEED --- Add download of embedded resources using HTML5 tags in HTTP Requests 2018-10-01
62997 JMeter HTTP issues NEED --- java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: URLDecoder: Illegal hex characters in escape (%) pattern - For input string: " " 2019-02-15
63004 JMeter HTTP issues NEED --- Java vs. HTTPclient4 very slow response time difference, HTTPclient4 adding 30s to response time 2020-02-26
63110 JMeter HTTP issues NEED --- JMeter 5.0 does not reuse connections under certain conditions (Kubernetes cluster, The issue only happens right after a JMeter 5.0 image deployment to the pods, If I reboot the pods, the issue goes away) 2019-02-25
63316 JMeter HTTP issues NEED --- HTTP Request Defaults -Review All Embedded Resources parsing bug 2019-05-13
63343 JMeter HTTP issues NEED --- When path contains %3A, JMeter sends the decoded path ((":" instead of "%3A") 2019-06-16
63429 JMeter HTTP issues NEED --- Wrong static responses parsing error. 2019-05-14
63527 JMeter HTTP issues NEED --- HTTP Request Defaults : "URLs must match" -->"URLs Patterns to Include" + "URL Patterns to Exclude" Thu 10:52
63620 JMeter HTTP issues NEED --- jmeter GUI hangs when viewing Big JSON body with no space 2019-09-25
63858 JMeter HTTP issues NEED --- DNS Cache Manager - Static Host Table in distributed mode 2019-11-12
63880 JMeter HTTP issues NEED --- while executing in non-GUI mode after enabling the generate parent sample option in transaction controller also In JTL file am getting Sub-samples 2019-12-29
64018 JMeter HTTP issues NEED --- How to used the semicolon in parameter section(ShownAttributes: LabelFulltext;LabelTitle) 2019-12-22
64075 JMeter HTTP issues NEED --- Japanease Shift-JIS string contain some specific character cause text broken at script recording. 2020-04-26
64298 JMeter HTTP issues NEED --- Cannot read csv file when executing script on command line after referencing csv file with relative path in csv data set 2020-04-27
64374 JMeter HTTP issues NEED --- Not Able to Capture Response when there is no Content-Type header 2020-04-27
64539 JMeter HTTP issues NEED --- View Result Tree: incorrect display of Assertion Result when defined globally 2020-07-25
64585 JMeter HTTP issues NEED --- JSON Assertion: Using "Match as regular expression" on negated classes leads to stackoverflow 2020-08-01
61669 JMeter HTTP issues NEED --- HTTP sampler corrupts file with Chinese characters when upload file with http sampler (NEED REPRODUCER CASE to confirm) 2019-12-27
53748 JMeter HTTP issues NEED --- timer for the access log sampler 2019-05-15
123 bugs found.


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