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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
37549 Lenya Navigati dev NEW --- IE gives mixed security warning in Site tab 2007-04-26
24603 Lenya Navigati dev NEW --- Use title attribute in navigation links/item 2007-07-16
39165 Lenya Navigati dev NEW --- Allow different href attributes for sitetree labels 2007-07-16
39237 Lenya Navigati dev NEW --- Allow to edit sitetree href attributes in the GUI 2007-07-16
27288 Lenya Navigati dev NEW --- [PATCH] css-based menu implementation 2009-01-27
47200 Lenya Navigati dev NEW --- .jpg images can not be insert in the publication 'defaultfiredocs ' 2009-05-15
6 bugs found.