Sat Sep 30 2023 15:57:50 UTC
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10 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
58656 POI POIFS dev NEW --- ArrayIndexOutOfBounds when parsing ms word document 2015-12-06
60271 POI POIFS dev NEW --- Handle collisions of Macro names 2016-10-18
60741 POI POIFS dev NEW --- NPOIFS move from read-only flag to 3-state enum 2017-02-18
61562 POI POIFS dev NEW --- [POI][Custom Properties][DOC] Office Warning validation when we add custom properties to ".doc" files 2017-12-28
64197 POI POIFS dev NEW --- AssertionError thrown when processing embedded EMF in doc file 2020-03-04
66590 POI POIFS dev NEW --- Number of blocks used by the property table missing from the file header 2023-05-26
66625 POI POIFS dev NEW --- Unable to sign a docx file multiple times 2023-06-05
60670 POI POIFS dev NEED --- Fails to create document nodes in MSI files larger than 2 GB 2017-03-01
60801 POI POIFS dev NEED --- Some long numbers are wrong when use POI 2017-03-02
61677 POI POIFS dev NEED --- ChainLoopDetector failing with java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: <negative number> 2017-12-21
10 bugs found.


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