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36 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
61137 Tomcat 9 Catalina dev RESO FIXE TagLibraryInfo uri and prefix fields should not be final 2017-06-01
61134 Tomcat 8 Catalina dev RESO FIXE Unexpected [ ] in public text on default error pages 2017-06-09
61232 Tomcat 8 JULI dev RESO FIXE Disabling rotation on the FileHandler creates 'catalina..log' instead of 'catalina.log' 2017-07-12
61253 Tomcat 8 Util dev RESO FIXE Tomcat's Digester silently ignore's failed property replacement 2017-07-21
57870 Tomcat 7 Connecto dev RESO FIXE backport GzipOutputFilter #doWrite to Tomcat 7 to call GZIPOutputStream to enable flushing via reflection when running on Java 7+ 2017-11-30
61223 Tomcat 9 Document dev RESO FIXE Enhance the documentation for mbeans-descriptors.xml 2017-12-05
48672 Tomcat 9 Document dev RESO FIXE Tomcat Virtual Host Manager (/host-manager) needs documentation 2018-02-07
62090 Tomcat 9 Catalina dev RESO FIXE NPE in o.a.t.util.modeler.Util when servlet-name does not exist in web.xml 2018-02-21
62048 Tomcat 9 Manager dev NEW --- Missing logout function in Manager and Host-Manager webapps 2018-03-01
62245 Tomcat 8 Document dev NEW --- [Documentation] Mention contextXsltFile in DefaultServlet configuration example 2018-04-03
62163 Tomcat 9 Document dev RESO FIXE Tomcat Setup section of docs does not take into account new dependency on Java 8 2018-04-16
57946 Tomcat C mod_jk dev RESO FIXE Configuration example for mod_jk should be updated to follow Apache 2.4 syntax scheme 2018-08-22
61127 Tomcat 9 Catalina dev RESO FIXE Allow cluster channelSendOptions to be specified with verbose, human-readable names 2018-10-10
62933 JMeter Main issues CLOS INVA Getting an error while opening jmeter after adding "jmeter plugins manager 1.3" And "Install all the available plugins" in lib/ext folder of Jmeter(5.0) 2018-11-22
62814 Tomcat 9 Document dev NEW --- Use readable names for cluster channel/map options in documentation AND sample configurations 2018-11-26
63080 Tomcat 8 Catalina dev NEW --- Support rfc7239 Forwarded header 2019-01-21
61180 Tomcat 8 Catalina dev RESO FIXE Change log level of sessionIdGeneratorBase.createRandom to warn rather than info 2019-07-24
61993 Tomcat 7 Catalina dev RESO FIXE org.apache.tomcat.util.ByteChunk throws NegativeArray SizeException 2019-07-27
62140 Tomcat 9 Catalina dev RESO FIXE should document the verbs it accepts as command-line arguments 2019-10-24
63905 Tomcat 8 Catalina dev RESO FIXE ErrorReportValve adds CSS even if both showReport and showServerInfo are set to false 2019-11-13
62942 POI POI Over dev RESO FIXE Update homepage and fix dead links 2020-01-01
62857 POI SS Commo dev NEED --- DOLLAR function not implemented entirely 2020-01-01
59232 Tomcat 8 Catalina dev NEW --- Make the context name of an app available via JNDI 2020-01-02
63691 Tomcat 9 Catalina dev RESO FIXE Add a no-op JarScanner 2020-03-23
59203 Tomcat 9 Catalina dev RESO FIXE Try to call Thread.interrupt before calling Thread.stop in WebappClassLoaderBase#clearReferencesThreads 2020-04-23
64175 Apache h mod_user bugs NEW --- optimize cookie-building in mod_usertrack 2020-09-03
58624 Tomcat 8 WebSocke dev RESO FIXE Websocket send blocks indefinitely in FutureToSendHandler 2020-09-15
62955 Apache h mod_http bugs CLOS FIXE HEAD request via http/2 fail if GCI script do not return body part 2020-11-13
64934 Apache h mod_head bugs REOP --- Cache control header missing in HEAD request during cache miss 2020-12-06
58588 Tomcat 9 Catalina dev RESO FIXE Remove extras/juli from Tomcat 9 build and deliveries as Log4J 1.x has reached EOL. 2020-12-07
64767 POI XSSF dev RESO LATE Columns hidden when open in MS Office 365 on Windows or Mac 2020-12-13
61668 Tomcat 8 Connecto dev CLOS FIXE Possible NullPointerException in org.apache.coyote.http11.AbstractHttp11Protocol 2021-01-04
58837 Tomcat 8 Catalina dev RESO DUPL support "X-Content-Security-Policy" a.k.a as "CSP" 2021-05-11
65508 Apache h Document docs NEW --- Joomla! requires htaccess 2021-08-19
64812 Apache h mod_remo bugs NEW --- PROXY protocol support should expose original destination port 2021-10-16
65263 JMeter HTTP issues RESO INVA JMeter pressure duration is up, occasionally a thread does not stop 2021-11-20
36 bugs found.