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55 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
59636 Apache h mod_user bugs NEW --- UserDir is not accepting more than one directory location 2018-07-09
44155 Apache h mod_ldap bugs NEW --- smarter retry for LDAP_UNAVAILABLE, LDAP_BUSY, etc. 2012-03-12
50796 Apache h Core bugs NEW --- record time between keepalives in access log 2011-08-07
53539 Apache h mod_cach bugs NEW --- content type and character set are changing when the content served from disk_cache becomes 'stale' 2014-03-03
53915 Apache h mod_cach bugs NEW --- Colon lost when :port is used in CacheKeyBaseURL 2019-01-12
54222 Apache h Core bugs NEW --- ServerTokens checking is not complete 2012-11-29
54223 Apache h Runtime bugs NEW --- AH00554 error when runtime configuration Includes a directory 2012-11-29
55069 Apache h Core bugs NEW --- notice message in error_log even when LogLevel error 2018-01-16
55670 Apache h Core bugs NEW --- Startup may fail silently at post_config 2013-10-19
56040 Apache h mod_sess bugs NEW --- should be able to remove Max-Age cookie parameter to enable "session" cookies 2020-03-02
56052 Apache h mod_sess bugs NEW --- ap_session_load called multiple times for expired session creates new session each time 2020-03-01
56264 Apache h mod_rewr bugs NEW --- Confusing error with .htaccess rewrite to proxy when mod_proxy not active. 2019-01-06
56333 Apache h mpm_even bugs NEW --- API to resume a SUSPENDED connection 2014-05-11
56528 Apache h mod_rewr bugs NEW --- "bad flags delimiter" - improve helpfulness 2015-01-16
58121 Apache h mod_prox bugs NEW --- ProxyHTMLMeta seems to ignore all <meta http-equiv="Content-*** 2017-12-16
58171 Apache h mod_sess bugs NEW --- ap_session_save saves the wrong session after a decode error 2020-03-01
59938 Apache h Core bugs NEW --- Expose remote host port as an expression 2017-03-02
60182 Apache h mod_ssl bugs NEW --- SSLStaplingFakeTryLater Deviates From Documented Behavior of Only Being Effective When SSLStaplingReturnResponderErrors is On 2020-03-18
61860 Apache h Core bugs NEW --- Headers duplication when 416 status code occurs 2020-11-10
61980 Apache h mod_cgi bugs NEW --- Improve mod_cgi message for CGI stderr output 2018-01-10
61983 Apache h mod_head bugs NEW --- Allow Content-Type to be unset via Header unset 2018-01-10
62025 Apache h mod_head bugs NEW --- mod_headers doesn't edit WWW-Authentication from mod_auth_basic 2018-10-22
63288 Apache h mod_cach bugs NEW --- mod_cache (util_cache.c) fails to read quoted Cache-Control parameters like max-age 2019-12-01
63305 Apache h mod_ldap bugs NEW --- Segmentation fault in mod_ldap on gracefull reload 2020-01-20
64785 Apache h mod_allo bugs NEW --- allowmethods should be able to disable individual methods 2020-11-08
65616 Apache h mod_prox bugs NEW --- CVE-2021-36160 regression 2021-10-12
65626 Apache h mpm_even bugs NEW --- MPM Event doesn't shutdown idle children after working under high load 2021-10-15
65627 Apache h Core bugs NEW --- apache httpd segfault on child exit 2021-10-14
63638 Apache h Document docs NEW --- htcacheclean inodes and storage usage is unclear 2019-08-09
40453 Apache h mod_rewr bugs NEW --- lexicographic compare in RewriteCond isn't lexicographic 2018-08-25
53690 Apache h Core bugs NEW --- Calls to semctl() trigger "uninitialized memory" warning from valgrind 2013-02-04
35652 Apache h Runtime bugs REOP --- Improve error message: "pcfg_openfile: unable to check htaccess file, ensure it is readable" 2011-08-06
35768 Apache h Core bugs REOP --- Missing file logs at far too high of log level 2021-07-16
57198 Apache h mod_prox bugs REOP --- mod_proxy_fcgi (more) wrong behavior with 304 2019-11-22
59007 Apache h All bugs REOP --- mod_proxy disables balancer worker after a timeout from ajp even if the failontimeout set to off 2017-09-09
60458 Apache h mod_prox bugs REOP --- ProxyPass in a Location block loops on local ErrorDocument 2017-04-05
60910 Apache h mod_sess bugs REOP --- Do not send Set-Cookie twice 2019-11-19
61488 Apache h mod_prox bugs REOP --- mod_proxy_http treats POST response timeout as a 100 reply timeout 2020-01-14
63893 Apache h mod_remo bugs REOP --- Bogus warning "unsupported command 20" 2021-10-16
42682 APR APR bugs NEW --- Apache child terminates with signal 11 when using Sun LDAP with SSL 2011-12-02
43375 APR APR bugs NEW --- Pool integrity check fails for apr threads 2013-03-23
51307 APR APR-util bugs NEW --- Build error: ldap/apr_ldap_rebind.c 2011-07-23
52785 APR APR test bugs NEW --- testall fails if pool debug is enabled 2013-03-23
53609 APR APR bugs NEW --- Apache hangs with terminated signal 6 2019-01-06
56951 APR APR bugs NEW --- Add apr_queue_pop_timeout() 2015-03-16
65020 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- HTTP Sampler/Files upload tab - add missing buttons 2021-04-10
65027 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- HTTP Sampler/Files upload tab - auto detect MIME type of selected file 2021-02-15
62795 JMeter Main issues REOP --- JMeter master sometimes ends distributed test even though some of the slaves have not finished 2019-10-07
62914 JMeter Main issues REOP --- Add a hint in Thread Group UI about duration of test 2019-10-04
64795 JMeter Main issues NEED --- Generate summary report may not output a summary line in the configured interval (summariser.interval) 2020-10-31
64831 JMeter Main issues NEED --- Create a certificate alias listing/sampler 2021-04-10
65270 JMeter Main issues NEED --- POST application/x-www-form-urlencoded cURL code generated from Postman is not imported correctly 2021-05-08
65299 JMeter Main issues NEED --- JSONPathAssertion attributes are out of order 2021-08-29
65569 JMeter Main issues NEED --- JSR223 sampler SampleResult.setIgnore() caches script even when unchecked caching 2021-10-16
65611 JMeter Main issues NEED --- Add support for IPv6 addresses when specifying a remote worker node 2021-10-16
55 bugs found.