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Bug, n: An elusive creature living in a program that makes it incorrect. The activity of 'debugging,' or removing bugs from a program, ends when people get tired of doing it, not when the bugs are removed.
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30 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
32557 Ant Optional notifications RESO FIXE DependTest.testClosure fails under JDK 1.5 2004-12-22
34159 Tomcat 4 Unknown dev RESO INVA Charset extension through jdk1.4 CharsetProvider does not work in web applications 2005-04-10
34302 Tomcat 5 Servlet dev RESO WORK Tomcat doesn't read JDK 1.5 correctly 2005-05-03
27541 Ant Optional notifications RESO FIXE JunitReport task fails under JDK 1.5 2005-06-08
35930 Tomcat 5 Unknown dev RESO FIXE Tomcat 5.5.10 not starting on Windows XP 2005-08-09
36767 Tomcat 5 Jasper dev RESO WONT Taglibrary utilizing generified collections 2005-12-18
38025 Tomcat 5 Connecto dev RESO FIXE cookies are not set when max age is specified 2006-04-14
39674 Tomcat 5 Native:I dev RESO FIXE service.bat did not check jrockit's jvm.dll 2006-06-15
34191 Lenya Build Sy dev RESO FIXE JDK 1.5 build fails with NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/xpath/XPathAPI 2006-07-28
40257 Tomcat 5 Webapps: dev RESO FIXE tomcat 5.0.28 to 5.5.17 upgrade - Tomcat Manager Context Deployment does not work 2006-12-24
40407 Log4j - Appender log4j-dev RESO WONT log4j can't set permission of log file 2007-01-28
33966 Lenya Creator dev RESO FIXE Java 1.5 Gives File Not Found Errors 2007-03-21
36434 Log4j - Other log4j-dev RESO FIXE Patch: Make JMX build time detection work with jdk 1.5 2007-08-22
35111 Ant Core tas notifications RESO WORK Does not compile under Java 1.5 because not recogize generic <cast> and new loops (with : ) 2008-02-22
38134 Ant Core tas notifications RESO INVA NoSuchMethod exception during xslt task with Java 1.5 2008-02-22
38695 Ant Core tas notifications RESO FIXE ant classloader conflicts with JDK 1.5 2008-02-22
37169 Ant Core tas notifications CLOS FIXE SQLExec.runStatements causes problems for JDK 1.5 2008-02-22
40289 Ant Optional notifications RESO DUPL The JUnit optional task does not support JUnit 4.1 (JDK 1.5) 2008-02-22
40990 Log4j - Appender log4j-dev NEED --- Cannot bind port or ip address for outgoing UDP socket when using SysLogAppender 2008-08-03
45914 Tomcat 5 Servlet dev RESO INVA High CPU Utilization 2008-09-30
33549 BCEL - N Main issues REOP --- LocalVariableTypeTable seems not to be updated like LocalVariableTable 2009-02-16
44988 Tomcat 6 Native:I dev RESO FIXE JPDA_OPTS in / catalina.bat is using old JDWP semantics 2009-03-03
39089 Tomcat 5 Jasper dev RESO FIXE java.lang.InternalError: name is too long to represent 2009-07-05
46539 Log4j - Other log4j-dev RESO FIXE The QuietWriter class does not live up to its published contract 2009-10-08
33645 Fop - No general fop-dev CLOS FIXE [PATCH] Allow fop 1.0dev to compile with java 1.5 2012-04-01
53514 POI SXSSF dev RESO INVA blank row getting created after row no 32767 2012-07-17
56628 JMeter HTTP issues RESO INVA testing 2014-06-16
55644 POI XSSF dev RESO WONT autoSizeColumn hiding columns 2015-02-10
45124 POI HSSF dev RESO FIXE inserting text or images wipes out boldness and makes everything italic 2015-11-01
63582 JMeter Main issues RESO INVA HTTP calls are going as blank requests after upgrading to JDK8 update 221 2019-09-21
30 bugs found.