Sun Nov 28 2021 03:57:10 UTC
I wasn't looking too good, but I was feeling real well...
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16 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
45257 Apache h Core bugs REOP --- add (en)force option for UseCanonicalName 2018-11-08
49439 Apache h mod_suex bugs REOP --- Bug in mod_userdir which prevents suexec from running 2020-12-05
21260 Apache h mod_cach bugs REOP --- CacheMaxExpire directive not enforced ! 2019-01-08
48888 Apache h Core bugs REOP --- DOCTYPE definitions nearly 11 years out-of-date 2019-08-06
63978 Apache h mod_ftp bugs NEW --- found links to outside devices 2019-11-30
39902 Apache h mod_auto bugs REOP --- HeaderName directive breaks mod_filter somehow 2018-11-08
52313 Apache h support bugs REOP --- htdbm enhancement: options for colon-in-username, no-overwrite, extract-entry 2019-12-28
53579 Apache h mpm_pref bugs REOP --- httpd looping writing on a pipe and unresponsive (httpd <defunct>) 2021-03-30
52178 Apache h Core bugs REOP --- IPv6 IPs as ServerName not allowed 2018-11-08
65199 JMeter Main issues NEW --- JMeter generates HTML report statistics result error 2021-03-20
45187 Apache h Core bugs REOP --- Long File name requests gives FORBIDDEN response 2020-04-10
51747 Apache h mod_fcgi bugs REOP --- mod_fcgid loads entire request into memory while passing to FCGI backend 2021-03-30
48576 Apache h mod_dav bugs REOP --- MOVE or COPY in WebDAV fails with 404 when file extension is changed 2018-11-09
40953 Apache h Core bugs REOP --- Should not send any data in 1xx/204/304 reply from CGI/PHP/Servlet 2018-11-07
51409 Apache h mod_ftp bugs REOP --- Sorting options accepted by ls, but ignored 2019-11-30
35154 Apache h mod_ssl bugs REOP --- Support for NID_serialNumber, etc. in SSLUserName 2021-07-14
16 bugs found.