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72 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
41610 Tomcat C Common dev CLOS FIXE mod_jk incorrectly creates duplicate content-length:0 header 2008-10-05
24333 Apache h Core bugs CLOS INVA Error 403 - when URL with a german umlaut is used 2005-03-20
31228 Apache h Core bugs CLOS WONT New 226 HTTP Response Code [PATCH] 2005-03-08
37468 Fop - No page-mas fop-dev CLOS FIXE Multi-Column-Page Layout Issues 2012-04-01
40076 Security Encrypti security-dev CLOS LATE Denigrated ( 2006-08-06
39539 Apache h Build bugs RESO DUPL mem-cache not recording Content-Type 2006-05-09
35666 Tomcat 4 Connecto dev RESO INVA NT service will not start if the installation path contains unicode path name 2005-07-18
44705 Tomcat 5 Servlet dev RESO DUPL Tomcat 5.5.26 - cookie with colon in name is parsed incorrectly 2009-03-27
60911 Tomcat 7 Connecto dev RESO FIXE NullpointerException in CoyoteAdapter.parseSessionSslId when using secure="true" on ajp-Connector 2017-03-26
33897 Apache h mod_acce bugs RESO FIXE Downloading protected content cannot be resumed. 2005-06-03
35217 Apache h mod_cach bugs RESO FIXE extension cache-control directives MUST be ignored 2018-02-25
35245 Apache h mod_cach bugs RESO LATE cache ignores max-age cache-directive in requests to max-aged responses 2018-11-07
35247 Apache h mod_cach bugs RESO FIXE cache ignores s-maxage (in responses with max-age) 2011-02-11
38182 Apache h mod_dav bugs RESO LATE COPY ignores authority in Destination header 2018-11-07
38763 Apache h mod_prox bugs RESO FIXE mod_proxy does not handle asynchronous connection close correctly 2008-12-26
38981 Apache h Runtime bugs RESO FIXE vCard mime addition diff 2009-01-31
39372 Apache h All bugs RESO INVA Error with Wamp Server 2006-04-21
41177 Apache h Core bugs RESO INVA Not handleing MIME type application/x-www-form-urlencode properly. 2006-12-14
42978 Apache h mod_dav bugs RESO WONT Content-* headers ignored upon PUT 2011-02-12
42987 Apache h Core bugs RESO LATE Weak Etags in Apache are useless and violate RFC 2616, 13.3.3 2018-11-07
42990 Apache h Other Mo bugs RESO FIXE modrewrite do not decode hex econde uri 2007-07-30
43454 Apache h mod_prox bugs RESO FIXE mod_proxy violates RFC2616 2009-01-31
43455 Apache h mod_prox bugs RESO FIXE Proxy shouldn't propagate hop-by-hop headers in response 2008-01-19
43711 Apache h Core bugs RESO FIXE 100-continue response when 401 expected 2008-05-27
43818 Apache h mod_dav bugs RESO LATE PROPFIND on -w- collections returns 207 MULTI-STATUS with empty content 2018-11-07
43826 Apache h mod_cach bugs RESO DUPL Standards violation: POST does not invalidate the cache 2018-02-25
43900 Apache h mod_prox bugs RESO INVA proxy response contains unspecified characters 2007-11-19
44153 Apache h mod_mime bugs RESO FIXE Add support for new Ogg media types 2009-01-31
44477 Apache h Core bugs RESO INVA Apache accepts lowercase input 2008-02-24
45341 Apache h mod_cach bugs RESO FIXE Apache reverse-proxy returns 304 on non-conditional GET request 2011-02-08
46837 Apache h mod_nego bugs RESO FIXE CVE-2008-0456 Apache 'mod_negotiation' HTML Injection and HTTP Response Splitting Vulnerability 2009-05-10
47253 Apache h Core bugs RESO FIXE conditional request fails using deflate_module 2009-05-23
47379 Apache h mod_prox bugs RESO INVA Reverse proxy configuration does handle HTTP CONNECT requests correctly 2009-06-17
49825 Apache h mod_dav bugs RESO FIXE mod_dav PUT treats malformed Content-Range as if it were absent 2011-02-08
34278 Tomcat 5 Connecto dev RESO INVA error compiling file with jikes compiler 2005-09-22
37121 Tomcat N Library dev RESO FIXE HTTP Static Partial Content Bug 2014-02-17
38532 Tomcat 5 Unknown dev RESO INVA Missing HTTP header "Content-Type" when response is 304, after a request with "If-Modified-Since" 2006-02-07
39578 Lenya Reposito dev RESO WONT Compatibility to JSR 170 : Content Repository for the Java technology API 2010-07-10
41170 Tomcat C Common dev RESO WORK single crlf in header termination crashes app. 2010-11-29
46606 Tomcat 6 Catalina dev RESO FIXE WebdavServlet 2009-02-12
47497 POI HSSF dev RESO WONT Compatibility with Google App Engine 2009-07-08
57030 Tomcat M Tomcat L dev RESO DUPL c14n11 does include parent xml:id attributes in encrypted data 2014-09-28
62771 Tomcat 8 Catalina dev RESO INVA Lost Cookie header (at least) just after request parse 2018-09-28
34968 JMeter Main issues RESO INVA Jmeter dont send a LDAP Unbind request, when a serarch succes result war performed! 2006-08-23
44644 Log4j - Layout log4j-dev RESO FIXE Default ContentType for Layout is text/html which is FALSE 2008-10-15
42239 Security Signatur security-dev RESO FIXE ECDSA signature value interoperability patch. 2009-07-14
41834 Slide WebDAV c slide-dev RESO FIXE Depth handling oddities in WebdavResource.copyMethod() 2007-03-25
49300 WebSH WebSH websh-dev RESO INVA test1 2010-05-17
15857 Apache h mod_prox bugs RESO LATE MUST handle "chunked" response with a 16385Byte-long chunk-ext-val sent to an HTTP/1.0 client 2007-08-03
16521 Apache h mod_cach bugs RESO FIXE caches MUST treat invalid Expires values as in the past 2011-02-12
28450 APR APR-util bugs RESO FIXE apr_uri_parse violates RFC2396 2004-11-16
42847 Apache h mod_info bugs RESO FIXE mod_info outputs invalid XHTML 1.0 Transitional 2007-09-04
45107 Apache h mod_ssl bugs RESO FIXE Client certificate attribute UID not usable in env var SSL_CLIENT_S_DN_UID since wrong NID/OID assigned 2014-02-17
23501 Apache h Document docs RESO FIXE [mod_rewrite] incorrect load balancing solution 2007-08-01
40692 JMeter HTTP issues RESO INVA unable to use the file browser to open a jmx file. 2020-03-17
16086 Ant Optional notifications RESO FIXE .NET tasks always echo command 2012-04-27
41391 Apache h mod_expi bugs RESO LATE too long period setting makes max-age overflow 2018-11-07
42743 Tomcat 5 Unknown dev RESO WORK Command Prompt Display Error 2007-07-06
40953 Apache h Core bugs REOP --- Should not send any data in 1xx/204/304 reply from CGI/PHP/Servlet 2018-11-07
54367 Apache h mod_dav bugs REOP --- Location header in response to PUT is not %-escaped 2015-03-10
39727 Apache h mod_defl bugs ASSI --- Incorrect ETag on gzip:ed content 2021-03-29
46055 Batik - CSS batik-dev NEW --- Batik CSS Scanner does not handle unicode-range correctly 2009-02-11
46847 Apache h Other Mo bugs NEW --- WebDAV methods with encoding other than "identity" return 400 instead of 415 2013-03-19
49193 APR APR-util bugs NEW --- Implement LDAP scope-aware caching in APR-Util 2010-07-15
49199 Apache h mod_ldap bugs NEW --- Implement LDAP scope-aware caching in mod_ldap 2010-04-27
51725 Apache h Core bugs NEW --- Multiple Range: request accepted as "Range: n-m" 2011-09-09
54875 Apache h mod_dav bugs NEW --- Conditional request predicated on another URL's ETag always succeeds, even when it shouldn't 2016-03-14
44426 XmlCommo Resolver commons-dev NEW --- Please make catalog use default instead of an afterthough 2010-03-07
47459 Security Canonica security-dev NEW --- c14n11 does include parent xml:id attributes in encrypted data 2014-09-28
36354 Slide Versioni slide-dev NEW --- Version control method for workspaces incorrectly produces one-version-controlled-resource-per-history-per-workspace error message. 2005-08-25
36355 Slide Versioni slide-dev NEW --- Multiple branches cannot be made from a single version. 2005-09-07
41489 Slide WebDAV S slide-dev NEW --- 207 instead of 403 response for MOVE/COPY/DELETE (+ suggested fix) 2007-02-25
72 bugs found.