Thu Sep 23 2021 09:13:14 UTC
When using your debugger, consider who the bugger was that buggered things up.
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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
59311 Apache h Core bugs REOP --- Do not send "Upgrade: h2" header to HTTP/1.1 clients when SSL/TLS is used 2020-09-23
44439 Batik - SVG View batik-dev RESO DUPL Quick Successive User-Triggered Animations Cause Batik to Hang 2009-01-10
43580 Ant Optional notifications RESO WORK <script? tag does not support 'classpath' attribute 2008-02-22
41231 Apache h mod_ssl bugs RESO FIXE SSL: using connection: upgrade leaves plaintext from PHP in reply 2007-11-06
10298 Apache h Build bugs CLOS INVA Unable to compile "make" fails ... No rule for target '...' 2004-11-16
10618 Apache h Core bugs CLOS INVA killing children takes too long 2005-03-20
6 bugs found.