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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
10511 Ant Build Pr notifications RESO INVA Ant not running with Xerces2J delivered with Ant 2008-02-22
34065 Xerces-J Schema-S xerces-j-dev NEW --- E 2005-03-17
41481 Taglibs Standard dev RESO WORK Error when nested x:forEach loops where the inner x:forEach iterates over the parsed results of a *different* xml file. 2009-11-29
34342 Ant Optional notifications RESO WONT java.lang.OutOfMemoryError in junitreport 2008-05-29
35560 Xerces-J SAX xerces-j-dev NEW --- org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: General Schema Error: 2005-06-30
44426 XmlCommo Resolver commons-dev NEW --- Please make catalog use default instead of an afterthough 2010-03-07
33039 Xerces-J DOM xerces-j-dev RESO INVA renameNode without Namespaces declarations 2005-01-12
33062 Xerces-J DOM xerces-j-dev NEW --- using setFeature ("",0) and losing attributes 2005-01-12
8 bugs found.