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373 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
24480 JMeter Main issues NEW --- There is no good way to set checkbox based items using global variable. 2018-10-27
33305 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Visual diff and merge functionality for JMeter scripts 2013-08-25
41921 JMeter Main issues NEW --- JDBC sampler : Add hashing of Data to avoid storing all output into memory when result is arbitrarily large 2017-09-02
42248 JMeter Main issues REOP --- Undo-redo support on Test Plan tree modification 2015-12-14
42867 JMeter Main issues NEED --- Only default parameters of Java Request Samplers are stored 2016-12-29
43284 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Centralise use of ".jmx" and ".jtl" etc 2012-08-25
43380 JMeter Main issues NEW --- override "download embedded ressources" for all httpsamplers per property 2016-02-20
43484 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Remote Statistical mode needs to collect min/max separately 2016-12-30
43549 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Enhancing FTP Request with chmod or other unix commands 2007-10-04
44420 JMeter Main issues NEW --- AccessLog Sampler - process session ids? 2008-02-14
45169 JMeter Main issues NEW --- SampleResult idleTime not always taken into account 2013-11-23
45267 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Feature request - loading property files from GUI 2008-06-24
45268 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Add possibility to choose a set of defaults for samplers 2008-06-24
46237 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- add skeleton-key http authentication to AccessLogSampler 2008-12-18
47045 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- JDBC Request .sql script file execution 2012-10-24
49949 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Can't add fields to Multipart body headers 2010-12-02
49974 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Allow to pause and resume tests 2019-03-03
50034 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Provide API for running JMeter 2019-02-21
50580 JMeter Main issues NEW --- New Config element: TabularDataSet 2017-01-25
51092 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Allow to store the content of the "View Results Tree" after the test even if before the test no file to save to was specified 2015-05-12
51128 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Feature request: JMeter lacks general pre-processor for POST-data 2011-09-17
51480 JMeter Main issues NEW --- ConstantThroughputTimer in shared mode all threads start with an incorrect delay of 0 2017-11-30
51818 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Connection between displayed element in Results Tree Listener and its instance in Test Plan tree. 2019-02-21
51822 JMeter Main issues NEED --- Selecting a node triggers too many gui (JMeterGUIComponent) updates / configuration 2011-12-31
51938 JMeter Main issues NEW --- ClientJMeterEngine can leave server in busy state 2017-01-25
51983 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Nested sampler approach needs review 2011-11-25
52131 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Eliminate JmeterKeyStore and simplify code 2016-02-21
52199 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Http Mock Server & Http Callback Assertions 2013-02-09
52273 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Add FTPS Sampler (using FTP sampler GUI) 2012-03-20
52274 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Add SFTP Sampler (using FTP sampler GUI) 2012-03-20
52307 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Add sample numbering option to View Results Tree 2012-03-11
52358 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Does SampleResult config field have to be saved to the output file? 2011-12-20
52506 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Consider moving some property files to jars 2012-01-24
52596 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Feature Request - Allow Thread Groups to be organized into folders of some sort 2012-02-03
52948 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Enhance FTP Sampler/Jmeter client to support for Passive(PASV) mode 2012-03-20
52959 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Option to toggle all other samples, thread groups, etc 2012-03-21
52989 JMeter Main issues NEW --- JMeter client(OS enabled IPv4 & IPv6) couldn't control both IPv4 only JMeter server and IPv6 only JMeter server at same time. 2014-07-18
53159 JMeter Main issues NEED --- Enable parallel execution of Sampler for Same user to simulate Ajax Requests 2018-10-01
53170 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Add a FormFiller to process Forms with dynamic field names and list items 2015-11-13
53277 JMeter Main issues NEW --- HashTree can theoretically drop elements 2017-01-25
53317 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Add an option to pause rampup 2019-02-21
53457 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Could use System.console() for password prompting 2012-06-23
53540 JMeter HTTP issues REOP --- HTTP Cache Manager - 304 not modified on the main page does not retrieve the embedded resources 2014-10-22
53628 JMeter Main issues NEED --- Feature Request -Jmeter does not support Soap Request with attachment. 2019-02-21
53648 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Add ability to read cookies from access log in Access Log Sampler 2012-08-02
53739 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Summariser: allow delta to be logged more often that running total 2016-03-15
53748 JMeter HTTP issues NEED --- timer for the access log sampler 2013-07-05
53795 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Create function varsToProps(| separated varNamess, | separated propNames) to simplify passing data from setUp thread group 2019-03-04
53804 JMeter Main issues NEW --- FileServer should fix hasHeader setting when creating an alias 2017-01-23
53813 JMeter Main issues NEW --- FileServer - should it allow multiple instances? 2012-09-07
53815 JMeter Main issues NEW --- FileServer synchronisation is rather crude 2012-09-02
53825 JMeter Main issues NEW --- StatCalculator#getDistribution & DistributionGraph#drawSample could be more efficient 2012-09-03
53833 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Enable using the same ConnectionFactory for Multiple threads while posting JMS messages 2019-03-04
53848 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- HTTP embedded URLs - provide negative regex matching 2012-09-10
53857 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Save-button should be disabled (greyed out), if no changes were made since the last save 2012-09-11
53878 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Thread Groups Defaults 2013-01-29
53894 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Heartbeat function for jMeter running as slave in distributed tests 2014-07-25
53976 JMeter HTTP issues REOP --- Add a way to clear a Cookie on demand 2019-03-04
54005 JMeter HTTP issues REOP --- HTTP Mirror Server : Add special headers "X-" to control Response status and response content 2013-08-22
54153 JMeter Main issues NEW --- SampleSender should take into account SaveService configuration to remove data not persisted by SaveService 2012-11-16
54156 JMeter Main issues NEW --- DurationAssertion does not seem to make difference between Main sample only and Main sample and sub-samples for time 2017-01-27
54176 JMeter HTTP issues REOP --- Regular expression markers `\Q` `\E` doesn't work for "Response Assertion" and "RE Extractor" 2012-11-21
54434 JMeter Main issues REOP --- Add possibility to save ByteMessage content in the sample result. 2016-08-05
54449 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- HTTPS requests using HC4 hang for 4-5 seconds when using IP's without reverse DNS under Windows 2016-09-27
54478 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Wrong response time with mode=Statistical and num_sample_threshold > 1 when using remote mode. 2013-04-04
54481 JMeter Main issues REOP --- Transaction Controller in "Generate Parent Sample" mode : Assertion fails while is should not 2016-02-27
54717 JMeter Main issues NEED --- BatchSampleSender/StatisticalSampleSender slows thread handling down 2013-08-16
54884 JMeter Main issues NEED --- Add up/down system in Response Assertion to move patterns to test 2013-04-25
54885 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Add a Status to listeners to allow disabling them automatically in non gui mode 2013-08-25
55099 JMeter Main issues NEW --- ResultSaver should create intermediate directories 2016-03-15
55168 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Documentation : Clarify Response Time or Elapsed Time 2017-01-22
55256 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Better url-param and body handling 2016-02-24
55375 JMeter Main issues REOP --- StackOverflowError with ModuleController in Non-GUI mode if its name is the same as the target node 2017-02-25
55457 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Allow JMeter variables in JUnit Request sampler's Constructor String Label 2014-06-03
55510 JMeter Main issues NEW --- In distributed testing : totalThreads always show 0 in GUI 2013-11-04
55532 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Proxy recorder should create the sample before executing it 2017-03-03
55564 JMeter Main issues NEW --- "Clear All" for Aggregate Graph is not clearing the last run Graph 2013-10-11
55756 JMeter HTTP issues REOP --- HTTP Mirror Server : Add ability to set Headers 2013-11-08
55827 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Iteration over a view on a synchronized collection without obtaining a lock on the collection 2017-02-24
55913 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Create a test case to compare performances of htmlParsers implementation that can be run in command-line mode from the Ant build script 2014-07-22
56103 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Need ability to override "Retrieve All Embedded Resources" from non-gui mode 2014-08-30
56141 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Application does not behave correctly when using HTTP Recorder 2018-11-01
56159 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Spurious notification that the test plan has changed 2014-09-13
56161 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Data is corrupted on PUT request when not using 100-continue 2014-02-19
56163 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- HTTP Cache Manager only sends If-None-Match header 2014-03-17
56359 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- There should be a way to sample and stream response 2014-04-08
56432 JMeter Main issues NEW --- MailReaderSampler - implement connection and socket timeouts? 2014-04-19
56538 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Mail reader sampler: "Aggregate Report" returns random POP statistics 2014-06-08
56539 JMeter Main issues REOP --- Mail reader sampler: When Number of messages to retrieve is superior to 1, Number of samples should only show 1 not the number of messages retrieved 2014-07-18
56540 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Mail reader sampler/IMAP enhancement: getting the most recent messages 2014-05-17
56630 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Module Controller does not work properly in included script 2015-05-13
56772 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Handle IE Conditional comments when parsing embedded resources 2014-08-24
56816 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Assigning null to a BeanShell variable in a JSR223 sampler does not work as expected 2017-01-27
56862 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Unfriendly error message for configuration errors in JMeter 2014-11-16
56877 JMeter Main issues NEW --- CSVDataSet does not trim spaces in <filename>.csv 2016-04-14
56961 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Add 'Start from line', 'Step by' parameters to CSV Dataset Config, also enabling it to read random lines 2017-09-16
56979 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Cannot send "*" as OPTIONS URL; it is converted to "/*" 2014-09-12
56983 JMeter Main issues NEW --- View Results Tree:When reloading results from XML, content type is not filled in SampleResult 2014-09-16
57013 JMeter Main issues NEW --- use multiple bytes to define the termination of response in TCP Sampler 2014-10-21
57015 JMeter Main issues NEW --- JMeter point-to-point sampler doesn't allow to provide dynamic values 2016-08-05
57039 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Inconsistency with the undo/redo log 2018-10-28
57040 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Save changes prompt appear even once all changes were undone 2014-10-02
57258 JMeter Main issues NEW --- address coordinated omission latency reporting risks 2014-11-26
57266 JMeter Main issues NEED --- using executeQuery() method for CallableStatements in JDBC Sample 2014-12-01
57277 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Make FileServer set a new property called 'base.dir' 2014-11-28
57491 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- AJP Sample GUI includes timeout fields but these are not used 2015-03-25
57539 JMeter Main issues NEED --- Secure Sockets (SSL) for TCP Sampler 2015-02-15
57545 JMeter Main issues NEED --- Failed samples and aggregate report 2015-04-18
57578 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- HTTPRequest : When md5 is checked Embedded Resources from HTML files should be disabled 2015-02-15
57633 JMeter HTTP issues NEED --- HTTP Request : provide a way to not compute MD5 nor use response, only use size 2015-03-22
57640 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Add ability to modify load while a test is running 2015-02-27
57672 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Drop Oro dependency and switch to Java Regexp 2015-03-07
57679 JMeter Main issues NEED --- Summary Report # Samples counter rolls over and causes miscalculated fields for long running tests with high throughput 2015-03-12
57717 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- make HTTP sampler to check certificate on SSL/TLS connections 2015-03-17
57730 JMeter Main issues NEW --- SampleEvent for TransactionSampler: isTransactionSampleEvent return false with parent mode 2015-07-01
57735 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Build : Add a step to check transitive Maven dependencies 2015-03-22
57737 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Constant Throughput Timer : Make sleep accept nanos as in some cases rounding may not lead to correct throughput 2015-03-22
57787 JMeter Main issues NEW --- The Once Only controller behaves correctly under a Thread Group or Loop Controller, but otherwise its behaviour is not consistent (or clearly specified) 2015-04-18
57910 JMeter Main issues NEW --- CSV DataSet thread and thread group sharing might not work due to identityHashCode 2015-05-09
57962 JMeter Main issues REOP --- BackendListener: Allow implementations to get sample_variables 2019-03-04
58014 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Counter config under Random/Interleave controller 2015-06-09
58108 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- use sampler.toString() in BeanShell PreProcessor , HTTP JMeterProperty can not be replaced anymore 2015-07-08
58182 JMeter Main issues NEED --- All Thread Groups do not start at the same time 2019-03-04
58186 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Standard JMS properties in JMS Publisher or JMS Point-toPoint 2016-08-05
58234 JMeter Main issues NEW --- auto-save feature 2017-12-01
58274 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Remove split methods from JOrphanUtils 2015-08-22
58276 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Relativize include paths 2015-10-03
58277 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Auto rename include controllers 2015-08-24
58279 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Allow custom HTTP Sampler 2015-08-24
58290 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Provide way to access jmeter-server via HTTP calls (ReSTfull if possible) 2015-10-27
58302 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Recording interrupt in the sample response 2016-02-27
58345 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Throughput controller percent settings - applying validation check(0-100) and showing % sign to further increase user-friendliness. 2015-09-08
58415 JMeter Main issues NEW --- JMeter.bat fails if JMETER_BIN is set and bin folder contains spaces 2015-09-15
58506 JMeter Main issues NEW --- JMS Point-to-point sampler should offer an async using temp queue mode and prevent hangs by supporting a reply timeout 2016-08-12
58609 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- JMeter support for gzip for requests when content-encoding is set to gzip 2015-12-05
58679 JMeter Main issues REOP --- Replace the xpp pull parser in xstream with a java6+ standard solution 2017-04-26
58704 JMeter Main issues REOP --- Non regression testing : Ant task batchtest fails if tests and run in a non en_EN locale and use a JMX file that uses a Csv DataSet 2019-02-26
58780 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Module controller: Add automatic name change 2018-11-01
58797 JMeter Main issues NEW --- TableEditor could be multiline 2016-01-04
58810 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Config Element Counter: Check Boxes Toggle Area Too Big 2016-01-07
58846 JMeter Main issues NEED --- Execution of Jmeter scripts using cucumber 2016-01-18
58937 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- View Results Tree: Improve parameters display even for GET requests 2016-02-01
58938 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Ability to compare requests/responses side by side between 2 runs or 1 run and 1 recording 2016-01-29
58939 JMeter HTTP issues NEED --- View Results Tree : Add ability to drop selected nodes (request/responses) 2016-01-29
58940 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Add ability to create a Regexp Extractor from a selected text at a particular place 2017-01-16
58959 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Report/Dashboard: Property "" should better be handled by ReportGeneratorConfiguration 2016-02-27
59000 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Prevent mixed CSV columns 2016-02-13
59012 JMeter Main issues NEW --- JMeter distributed test does not have capability to store test results only on slave machines 2016-02-17
59041 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Capability to generate summary report for mode DiskStorage during distributed test 2016-02-22
59042 JMeter Main issues NEW --- build.xml should delete all versions of obsolete jars 2016-02-22
59047 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Http sampler : Redirect configuration is hard to understand 2016-02-26
59052 JMeter Main issues REOP --- jmeter.bat don't use the JM_LAUNCH to test java version, so java versions could be different 2016-05-31
59080 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Tests : Add Test Plans for bugs 2016-02-26
59084 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Don't create new Exceptions 2016-09-24
59091 JMeter Main issues NEW --- JMeter should report incompatible command-line options 2016-03-01
59101 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Wrong behavior with no keepalive when using JAVA Implementation (HC4 fixed since JMeter 3.0) 2018-11-01
59131 JMeter Main issues NEW --- JLabeledChoice isn't localized (L10N) 2016-03-29
59155 JMeter Main issues NEW --- All tables in JMeter Test Element GUIs should allow Multiple Selection and multiple removal 2016-03-09
59168 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Implement HiDPI 2016-03-11
59169 JMeter Main issues NEW --- ModuleController loses the reference to target controller if any of the elements in the path to referenced Controller is renamed 2017-08-27
59185 JMeter Main issues NEW --- SavePropertyDialog.setSaveConfig/getSaveConfig not used; should be removed 2016-03-17
59223 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Stack overflow in Random Controller/Interleave Controller if it contains child Throughput Controller elements 2016-03-23
59241 JMeter Main issues NEW --- BackendListener should not be aware of a particular implementation of BackendListenerClient : GraphiteBackendListenerClient 2016-03-27
59245 JMeter Main issues NEW --- JMS Point to Point custom request headers 2016-08-05
59265 JMeter Main issues NEW --- totalThreads + activeThreads + warnIndicator tooltip not updated when we change the language in the GUI 2016-06-11
59281 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Remove border of testTimeDuration in MainFrame 2016-04-06
59389 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Scripting productivity : add ability in JMeter to submit a form from the previous sampler response 2016-04-27
59429 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Log a message if Continue not selected and error occurs 2016-08-12
59436 JMeter Main issues NEW --- JMeter tests should not use a special version of by default 2018-11-27
59440 JMeter Main issues NEW --- causes unhelpful console message 2016-05-08
59441 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Consider dropping docs from SVN 2016-05-08
59448 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Allow Constant Throughput Controller to be disabled by specifying negative value 2016-05-12
59614 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Ability to getSamplerCreator by header fields other than CONTENT-TYPE 2016-06-12
59632 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- HTML format the "Failed to Parse HTML : NULL" error message is displayed. 2016-07-31
59696 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Suppress output of GET HTTP Requests 2016-06-14
59751 JMeter Main issues NEW --- GUI language settings in without effect 2016-09-14
59831 JMeter HTTP issues NEED --- Copy request, response and assertion to transaction sampler upon failure 2016-09-17
59847 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Support HTTP/2 protocol 2019-01-06
59941 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Paste-button should be disabled , if nothing were copied. Also cut, copy buttons should be disabled when there is nothing to copy or cut. 2016-08-04
59943 JMeter HTTP issues REOP --- Problem with Node order using HtmlParsingUtils.getDOM which can impact HTML Link Parser 2016-08-19
59952 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Expose DNS and SSL Handshake time 2018-10-01
59973 JMeter Main issues REOP --- Issue with XML version in JTL files 2017-04-26
59976 JMeter Main issues NEW --- View Results Tree : Text renderer : it should be possible to search in Sampler Result and Request tabs 2016-08-11
59977 JMeter Main issues NEW --- View Results Tree : It should be possible to also test Headers content 2016-08-11
60051 JMeter Main issues NEW --- jmeter-server: port and log file parameter cannot be easily overriden from command line 2016-12-29
60052 JMeter Main issues NEW --- jmeter-server listen address to bind 2016-08-27
60069 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- SamplerCreatorFactory.getSamplerCreator has two unused parameters 2016-09-17
60104 JMeter Main issues NEW --- SetUp and TearDown at Thead group level 2016-09-10
60120 JMeter HTTP issues REOP --- JMeter 3.0 HTTP Request POST parameters are silently encoded 2018-06-25
60148 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Proxy recorder doesn't cancel pending requests when stopped 2016-09-19
60149 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Report / Dashboard : If granularity is below 1 sec, the Throughput graphs will be incorrect 2018-11-01
60198 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Add metrics to the dashboard graphs 2017-03-16
60204 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Add a TPS and Latency combination grap to the dashboard 2017-03-16
60233 JMeter Main issues NEW --- TableEditor could propose a restricted mode that allows entry insertion from a dropbox 2016-10-10
60236 JMeter Main issues NEW --- ThroughputController does not give same results depending on Timer presence or not 2018-10-28
60264 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Module Controllers Able To Select From Other External Files 2016-10-17
60291 JMeter Main issues NEED --- Add ability to add comments/remarks to Dashboard Report 2016-10-21
60298 JMeter Main issues NEW --- UX : When creating a new test plan, add a Thread Group and a View Results Tree 2016-10-22
60335 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Add a script for doing proxy recordings in non-gui mode 2016-11-12
60336 JMeter Main issues NEW --- SaveService: output JMX from JMeterTreeNode or JMeterTreeModel 2016-11-14
60464 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Create a new Recorder less tightly coupled with underlying recorded protocol 2018-04-10
60476 JMeter Main issues NEW --- View Results Tree: Request Tab with HTTP Tab selected puts the body in parameter name 2016-12-21
60477 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Have an asynchronous equivalent of Generate Summary Results with an embedded Http Server 2016-12-13
60544 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Factor our common code between HttpTestSampleGui and HttpDefaultsGui 2017-01-03
60546 JMeter HTTP issues UNCO --- Bypass ssl certificate 2017-01-05
60606 JMeter Main issues NEW --- support kafka 2018-10-26
60610 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Fix the FIXME 2017-01-19
60612 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Review and remove TODO 2017-01-19
60649 JMeter HTTP issues NEED --- HTTP(S) Test Script Recorder: wrong postdata 2018-11-10
60657 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Slow connection feature slows too much with HTTPS 2017-01-26
60668 JMeter Main issues NEED --- Sub optimal regular expressions makes JMeter freeze (catastrophic backtracking regex) 2017-03-18
60686 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Generate Report Dashboard from XML log files 2017-02-04
60696 JMeter HTTP issues NEED --- SPNEGO always canonicalizes host names, Option to pick behavior would be welcome 2017-11-04
60714 JMeter HTTP issues NEED --- java.nio.charset.MalformedInputException: Input length = 1 2017-08-28
60756 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Module Controller included in a Thread Group with the same name as linked Test Fragment looses link after reopening saved test plan 2017-02-25
60774 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- HTML Assertion element does not handle HTML5 valid code 2017-12-08
60821 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Replace current custom ProxyControl/Proxy implementation by LittleProxy 2018-04-10
60834 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Filter responses in results tree 2017-03-08
60855 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Use of default encoding: FileReader/Writer and InputStreamReader/OutputStreamWriter 2018-05-31
60856 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Unused classes: Generator & StandardGenerator 2017-03-13
60861 JMeter Main issues NEW --- __StringFromFile enhanced to restart the reading when the loop of n files is reached 2017-03-18
60922 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- AccessLogSampler returns error result when EOF is reached 2017-03-27
60929 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Feature request: Support for V8 Engine as a scripting language for JSR223 Sampler 2017-04-19
60934 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Feature request: add tabs 2017-03-29
60935 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Feature request: Add "unsaved changes" indicator 2017-03-29
60986 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- CookieManager User-defined cookies aren't saved as variables 2017-04-19
60987 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Make setting variables predictable 2017-04-13
61024 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Embedded resource download with recursive call can lead to error "org.apache.http.conn.ConnectionPoolTimeoutException" 2017-04-21
61087 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Stripping Mode only strips response data not request data 2017-07-22
61118 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Save Responses to File generates bad paths and names 2017-09-16
61123 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Influx measurement name 2017-09-16
61130 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Percentile and Median : Document algorithms used 2018-03-30
61141 JMeter Main issues NEED --- The option "Dereference aliases"&"Return object" doesn't work when test the LDAP extended request search 2017-07-20
61254 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Summariser : Active thread count in is not correct during high load distributing test when using statistical mode 2017-07-24
61285 JMeter Main issues NEW --- SMTP Sampler doesn't configure localhost name 2017-07-16
61358 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Replace deprecated RandomStringUtils by commons-text RandomStringGenerator 2017-09-05
61387 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- plus + not supported in e-mail addresses 2017-11-20
61455 JMeter Main issues NEW --- pass value for TestPlan.SERIALIZE_THREADGROUPS through jmeter commandline in non-gui mode 2017-08-25
61458 JMeter Main issues NEW --- HTML Report : Reorganize hierarchy and add an option to only generate the dynamic part instead of the full bundle 2017-12-08
61466 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Adding samplers comment to SamplerResult could be interesting for reporters 2017-09-08
61513 JMeter Main issues NEW --- CSV data set config should be able to load file from network, eg. http/ftp/https 2017-09-16
61567 JMeter Main issues REOP --- JMeter test ran through JUnit fails within maven-surefire-plugin (mvn clean install) 2017-11-22
61622 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- HTTP Authorization Manager: Colon in Username is not rejected for BASIC_DIGEST 2017-10-16
61623 JMeter Main issues NEW --- When calling "Duplicate" on a Thread Group that contains a View Results Tree, the VRT in initial Thread Group receives the Sample Results of the cloned Thread Group 2017-11-11
61626 JMeter Main issues REOP --- __splitString behaviour is not intuitive and documentation is not explicit enough 2017-10-23
61643 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Header Manager : Add ability to move headers up and down 2017-11-03
61657 JMeter Main issues NEW --- JSR223 Test Elements : Have code completion 2017-10-24
61663 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Add Dead lock detection 2017-10-26
61669 JMeter HTTP issues NEED --- HTTP sampler corrupts file with Chinese characters when upload file with http sampler (NEED REPRODUCER CASE to confirm) 2018-11-10
61674 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Introduce global Variables shared accross threads 2017-10-27
61705 JMeter Main issues NEW --- CSV DataSet : It should be easier to get a random row from a CSV 2017-10-31
61708 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Scripting elements : It would be nice to link immediately to javadocs 2017-11-01
61711 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Add JSR223 Logic Controller 2017-11-29
61729 JMeter Main issues NEW --- File name validation doesn't check for using not allowed symbols 2017-11-06
61732 JMeter Main issues NEW --- XOP support to handle SOAP requests with attachments 2019-02-05
61737 JMeter Main issues NEED --- Upgrade MD5Hex Assertion to Digest Assertion 2017-11-08
61743 JMeter HTTP issues NEED --- Limit amount of data sent by distributed Node 2017-11-10
61748 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Add ability to send compressed request 2018-05-07
61755 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Run : Have "Run Configuration" similar to Eclipse feature when starting a test 2017-11-14
61767 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Append automatically timestamp to results file 2017-11-15
61769 JMeter Main issues NEW --- View Results Tree: Use syntax highlighter in XPath Tester, JSON Path Tester and CSS/JQuery Tester 2017-11-16
61788 JMeter Main issues NEW --- JMS Point to Point: We should be able to send different message types as for JMS Publisher 2017-11-20
61789 JMeter Main issues NEW --- JMS Publisher : Be able to send Stream Message and any message defined in a variable 2017-11-20
61801 JMeter Main issues NEW --- New function : Allow easy HEX and Base64 encode / Decode 2017-11-22
61805 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Allow simple HTTP request 2018-11-27
61813 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Add a way to execute a finally (try/finally) or catch (try/catch) step when error occurs and configuration is startNextLoop 2018-11-27
61814 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Hanging test due to no timeout set / hanging sampler and Test duration 2017-11-24
61819 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Allow sampler timeout on all Samplers (including SMTP) 2017-11-26
61822 JMeter Main issues NEW --- JDBC Connection Configuration : Add a test button 2017-11-27
61823 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Make RandomDate work also with Time or introduce RandomDateTime 2017-11-27
61826 JMeter Main issues NEW --- JMS Point To Point : 2 JMS P2P where 1st one is listener on a queue used by second one can mix up 2017-11-28
61830 JMeter Main issues NEW --- JMS : GUIs should be normalized and improved 2018-11-08
61884 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Java 9 illegal reflective access from DarculaLaf to HTMLEditorKit.DEFAULT_STYLES_KEY due to issue 41 in Darcula 2018-01-31
61885 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Revert enabled after Save although can't revert 2017-12-10
61897 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Introduce dry-run mode 2017-12-13
61974 JMeter Main issues NEW --- API-Template implementation 2018-01-12
62008 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Listener does not process user defined variable (containing groovy script) in distributed testing 2018-03-21
62015 JMeter HTTP issues REOP --- Quotes in cookie values are stripped 2018-03-29
62045 JMeter HTTP issues NEED --- timing difference for large (?) requests 2018-03-08
62046 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Have the equivalent of Maven Profiles 2018-01-25
62064 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Java 9 : Illegal reflective access by Groovy warnings due to GROOVY-8339 2018-01-31
62074 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Module Controller should not allow referencing a Test Fragment which holds only pre processor/timer 2018-02-06
62077 JMeter Main issues NEW --- ThreadGroup : Add method stopThreads(boolean now) to allow shutting down Thread Group threads 2018-02-05
62082 JMeter Main issues NEW --- __groovy function seems to have useless synchronized in execute 2018-03-11
62100 JMeter Main issues NEW --- UX - Mark Duration as mandatory 2018-05-16
62111 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Be able to see all variables used by a Test Plan 2018-02-16
62119 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Darcula is fine, but there are minor glitches with visibility for color blind 2018-02-22
62179 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Hide Splash Screen Or Move It To The Main Window? 2018-03-16
62191 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Search Feature : Be able to limit search scope 2018-03-19
62256 JMeter Main issues NEW --- JMS (P2P) and JMS Subscriber not working properly with Throughput Controller in a Test script 2018-04-04
62262 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Drop "Use Keep-Alive" option altogether 2018-04-05
62264 JMeter Main issues NEED --- "before exiting" controller 2018-04-06
62267 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Create a SLA Assertion or Listener that makes JMeter fail based on test statistics 2018-04-21
62279 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Rework the HTTP Header Manager 2018-04-11
62280 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Move Bug Tracking from Bugzilla To Atlassian JIRA 2018-04-10
62282 JMeter Main issues NEW --- 'File->Open Recent' entries open the wrong file when running 2 or more instances of JMeter at the same time 2018-04-11
62288 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Study Impact of Asynchronous Samplers on Listeners 2018-07-19
62299 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Duplicate copies embedded elements twice when expanded 2018-12-28
62345 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Failing assertion in CSV should remove line breaks to allow using grep 2018-07-19
62370 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- When test is ended then threads exit without completing the scenario 2018-05-11
62374 JMeter Main issues NEW --- I suggest using Externalizable instead of Serializable in RMI distribution test because implements Serializable took too much network bandwidth during high throughput loading. 2018-05-21
62388 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Invalid SampleResult breaks Dashboard graphs that depend on Time 2018-05-19
62421 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Field value of 'Validation Query' (JDBC Connection Configuration) is lost when saving test plan. 2018-06-11
62426 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Here are some Reduced ReportGenerator performance Code 2018-07-15
62454 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Debug sampler is visible only when successful requests are listed 2019-02-05
62460 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Add ability to import a HAR 2018-06-15
62463 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Can't use fix RMI ports when using SSL for distributed client/server setup 2018-09-12
62475 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Allow Thread scheduler to be enabled/disabled from property 2018-06-19
62495 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Add option to disable View Results Tree/Listeners in non GUI 2018-06-27
62510 JMeter Main issues NEW --- executing remote test from command line uses wrong user defined variables 2018-10-28
62511 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- only variables defined in HTTP recorder should be substitued in HTTP requests, but variables defined under the test plan are also substituted. 2018-07-19
62512 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Report/Dashboard: In Statistics table, allow user to dynamically hide some rows 2018-06-29
62536 JMeter Main issues REOP --- Introduce a kind of workflow for Load Testing (Record / Validate / Load Test) 2018-07-15
62570 JMeter Main issues REOP --- HTTP(S) Test Script Recorder : Increase validity of Root CA used to capture traffic 2018-09-02
62573 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Script Recorder Target controller not saved with test plan 2018-10-27
62574 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- RootCA certificate pop-up must not be automatically closed 2018-07-27
62584 JMeter HTTP issues NEED --- Removing '/./' in redirected URLs (Wicket-Feature) 2018-10-27
62601 JMeter Main issues NEED --- While Login the Application through jmeter Premature end of chunk coded message body: closing chunk expected is displayed 2018-09-01
62618 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Add CONNECT as HTTP method 2018-08-25
62636 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Wiki CommittingChanges update Ant targets to run 2018-08-25
62653 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Apache JMeter not launching on Windows 7 when using default DarculaLaf LAF 2019-03-03
62660 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Add preview to script file in JSR223 element 2018-08-30
62671 JMeter Main issues NEW --- embedded_resources_use_md5 and css parser 2018-09-03
62672 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- HTTP Request send double requests when configure proxy with authentication 2018-09-04
62675 JMeter Main issues NEW --- ConstantThroughputTimer bad setting properties, and not included in TestPlan 2018-09-13
62760 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- StackOverFlow error returned for IF controller when Loop count is set to forever 2019-03-12
62784 JMeter HTTP issues NEED --- Add download of embedded resources using HTML5 tags in HTTP Requests 2018-10-01
62787 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Add XPath 2 Assertion 2019-03-03
62845 JMeter Main issues NEED --- The Root Certificate doesnot regenerate once deleted from the bin folder 2018-10-29
62856 JMeter Main issues NEW --- JMS Publisher sampler forces Byte Messages in Text Message textfield via XStream 2018-10-29
62861 JMeter HTTP issues NEED --- Thread Group: Provide ability to configure wether a new iteration is a new user or same user (Would be applied on Cookie Manager, Cahce Manager and httpclient.reset_state_on_thread_group_iteration) 2019-03-03
62863 JMeter HTTP issues NEED --- PKCS11 keystores are unusable for TLS 2019-03-27
62878 JMeter Main issues NEW --- includecontroller.prefix fails when path separator not added 2018-11-04
62885 JMeter Main issues NEED --- AccessLogSampler Parser for AWS load balancer 2018-11-09
62902 JMeter Main issues NEW --- "If controller" inside sampler 2018-12-04
62909 JMeter Main issues NEW --- JMS: Normalise JNDI settings 2018-12-04
62941 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Transaction Controller : OR aggregation of statuses, to ease "Retry request N times on fail" test implementation 2019-03-07
62963 JMeter Main issues NEED --- Provide an official JMeter container image in Docker Hub 2018-12-06
62997 JMeter HTTP issues NEED --- java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: URLDecoder: Illegal hex characters in escape (%) pattern - For input string: " " 2019-02-15
63004 JMeter HTTP issues NEED --- Java vs. HTTPclient4 very big response time difference, HTTPclient4 adding 30s to response time 2018-12-19
63027 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Add median to dashboard Statistics 2018-12-21
63032 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Make Tika dependency optional in JMeter parent pom 2018-12-28
63035 JMeter Main issues NEW --- JSON : Switch from JsonSmartJsonProvider to JacksonJsonProvider 2018-12-23
63061 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Sorting in Listener is not correct- View Results in Table 2019-03-03
63062 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Internal: Improve build 2019-03-02
63110 JMeter HTTP issues NEED --- JMeter 5.0 does not reuse connections under certain conditions (Kubernetes cluster, The issue only happens right after a JMeter 5.0 image deployment to the pods, If I reboot the pods, the issue goes away) 2019-02-25
63127 JMeter Main issues NEED --- Enhancement - Option to parameterize transaction controller 2019-01-29
63129 JMeter HTTP issues REOP --- JMeter can not identify encoding during first time page Submission. 2019-03-03
63130 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Jmeter is unable to decode Shift_JIS characters. 2019-03-03
63133 JMeter Main issues NEW --- implement key to expand all nodes in View Results Tree 2019-01-30
63142 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Sign SAML AuthNRequest 2019-02-05
63154 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Darcula theme doesn't copy/paste JMeter elements 2019-02-16
63165 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Improve testing of Bug 61802 2019-02-10
63173 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Improve error analysis when one request fails : Save all responses from current thread iteration or all variables 2019-02-23
63203 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Unit Tests : Replace use of @Deprecated by @VisibleForTesting for methods/constructors/classes made public for Unit Testing only 2019-02-24
63209 JMeter Main issues NEW --- FileDialoger exception during Save As 2019-04-09
63225 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Counter Config element allows empty value for Exported Variable Name 2019-03-03
63233 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Enabled = false property getting ignored when calling test from java 2019-03-05
63255 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- HTTP Post Request fails due to triple backslash in Body Data 2019-03-28
63276 JMeter Main issues NEW --- The Sample Timeout has a 1ms error when using a pre-processor 2019-03-21
63278 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Controller Label Average column in Report summaries values of slaves 2019-03-22
63301 JMeter Main issues NEW --- can the change json encoding format In the url data? 2019-03-29
63316 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- HTTP Request Defaults -Review All Embedded Resources parsing bug 2019-04-04
63319 JMeter Main issues NEW --- ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in Aggregate Graph when selecting 90% or 95% columns 2019-04-05
63322 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Distributed Jmeter test stops with "The current process has used all of its system allowance of handles for Window Manager objects" 2019-04-09
63338 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Using eclipse to compile Jmeter 5.1.1 version source code, found in the compilation process, Chinese GUI garbled (item code is UTF-8) Wed 19:08
63341 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Network Emulation by setting cps not working correctly 2019-04-11
63343 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- When path contains %3A, JMeter sends the decoded path ((":" instead of "%3A") Wed 16:34
63347 JMeter Main issues NEW --- View result tree: The search field is so small that even a single character is not visible. 09:02:51
63355 JMeter Main issues NEED --- View Results Tree - Browser view option is not Available with Java 11 2019-04-16
63360 JMeter HTTP issues NEW --- Clicking on View Results Tree, Response Data gives ClassCastException in MacOS Wed 19:26
63364 JMeter Main issues NEW --- View Result Tree does not display embedded resources correctly Fri 00:22
63369 JMeter Main issues NEW --- Unable to launch GUI mode if using DisplayLink driver for external monitors 12:35:24
373 bugs found.


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