Fop - Now in Jira

Fop is an xsl:fo formatter. It is a Java application that reads a formatting object tree and then turns it into a PDF document.

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Component Default Assignee
awt renderer fop-dev
The Swing based xsl:fo renderer
documentation fop-dev
documentation and example files
fo tree fop-dev
FO tree
fonts fop-dev
the fonts subsystem
general fop-dev
all problems not covered by one of the other topics
images fop-dev
image handling (formats, filters)
page-master/layout fop-dev
page layout
pcl fop-dev
PCL renderer
pdf fop-dev
transforms the area tree into an pdf stream
ps fop-dev
PostScript renderer
rtf fop-dev
RTF lib and renderer
svg fop-dev
Scalable Vector Graphics