[INACTIVE, NO LONGER IN USE] WebDAV aware content management system

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Component Default Assignee
Core Slide Developer List
Content management API and its implementation
Documentation Slide Developer List
Issues related to the documentation.
Other Slide Developer List
Other components (utils, configuration, logging ...)
Issues related to the DASL protocol or internal search layer.
Security Slide Developer List
Issues related to the ACL protocol or internal security layer.
Stores Slide Developer List
Data stores. Memory, JDBC and filesystem based stores are available bundled with Slide.
Transaction Manager Slide Developer List
Transaction management and resource managers implementation.
Versioning Slide Developer List
Issues related to the DeltaV protocol or internal versioning layer.
WebDAV client Slide Developer List
WeDAV client API, command line client and UI components.
WebDAV Server Slide Developer List
WebDAV servlet providing a WebDAV interface to the CMS. Supports (or will support) WebDAV level 2, WebDAV ACP, Delta V, DASL.