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264 3 0 Connectors normal P1 --- mod_jk gets in an infinite loop when client does not send "content-length" # of bytes to server BugRat Report#468
291 2 0 Servlet normal P1 --- Using an html file as the <location> in an <error-page> in web.xml causes a StackOverflowError. BugRat Report#538
356 3 0 Connectors normal P1 --- sendRedirect() embedded in JSP not working with mod_jk Apache connector BugRat Report#637
367 2 0 Unknown normal P1 --- Incorrect HTTP header returns source file (jsp) BugRat Report#653
383 2 0 Core tasks enhancement P3 --- fork javac BugRat Report#676
578 2 0 Unknown normal P1 --- no cookies session tracking fails when used with SSL
749 2 0 Core tasks normal P5 --- Class.getResource does not appear to work for java task
764 6 0 Other critical P1 --- java.lang.StackOverflowError
813 2 0 Catalina normal P1 --- Problem authenticating with HTTP 1.1 client
1210 3 0 Servlet normal P3 --- Names too long for generated servlets
1343 2 0 Unknown critical P1 --- Source code error while building mod_jk
1550 2 0 Core tasks enhancement P1 --- delete task follow symbolic links
1613 2 0 Core major P3 --- AntClassLoader doesn't run static initializer blocks
1673 2 0 Connectors normal P1 --- file upload does not work with mod_jk and ajp13
1917 2 0 Core major P1 --- DTD validator does not check namespace attributes
2469 2 0 Jasper normal P3 --- ServletRequest#setCharacterEncoding() doesn't work in JSP.
2738 2 0 Core tasks enhancement P1 1.6 Passing of Streams to core tasks are not good (specially passing input stream to a java task is not possible)
3045 2 0 Core tasks enhancement P3 --- Javac needs assert enabler for JDK1.4
3129 2 0 Core tasks normal P3 --- Exec Task require Absolute Paths
3219 4 0 Optional Tasks normal P3 1.5.2 pvcs task does not create folders

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