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JMeter (bug list)
1 15999 Show Results Tree is too HTTP-centric (Show Votes)
1 27112 User Parameters should use scrollbars (Show Votes)
1 30945 Remote Exit does not shut down the rmi registry. (Show Votes)
1 37156 Formatted view of Request in Results Tree (Show Votes)
1 39764 Loading a sample file (jtl) (Show Votes)
1 40149 Feature to write a Jmeter variable to a file (Show Votes)
1 42243 Loading a test plan fully expand the treeview (Show Votes)
1 42245 Show clear passwords in HTTP Authorization Manager (Show Votes)
1 42246 Need for a 'auto-scroll' option in "View Results Tree" and "Assertion Results" (Show Votes)
1 42248 Undo-redo support on Test Plan tree modification (Show Votes)
1 42428 Workbench not saved with Test Plan (Show Votes)
1 42538 Add "duplicate node" in context menu (Show Votes)
1 42540 HCI: Inconsistent position of "Close" in File menu (Show Votes)
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