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Ant (bug list)
1 44242 Add <funtest> task for functional testing (Show Votes)
1 vote used out of 6 allowed.

Apache httpd-2 (bug list) (Note: only 3 votes allowed per bug in this product.)
1 31418 SSLUserName is not usable by other modules (Show Votes)
1 44503 Errors during SSL handshake (Show Votes)
2 votes used out of 5 allowed.

JMeter (bug list)
1 22510 SSL Manager does not handle multiple client certificates (Show Votes)
1 29331 how to load test java applet using JMeter (Show Votes)
1 36619 Thread group Stop Test doesn't work with Loop count forever (Show Votes)
1 37160 Scalable distributed testing (Show Votes)
1 40011 New Elements for use in JMeter (Show Votes)
1 40757 Web Service(SOAP) Request Response Time (Show Votes)
1 40934 CSV Data Set Config parameters cannot be used in some Config elements (Show Votes)
1 41878 JMeter GUI crashes when performing SOAP requests (Show Votes)
1 43294 XPath Extractor namespace problems (Show Votes)
1 43654 java process spinning and using 100% of a cpu after test completes (Show Votes)
1 44126 ConcurrentModificationException executing test on multiple machines (Show Votes)
1 44521 empty variables for a POST in the HTTP Request don't get ignored (Show Votes)
12 votes used out of 60 allowed.

Tomcat 5 (bug list)
1 44382 Need to add support for HTTPOnly session cookie parameter (Show Votes)
1 vote used out of 10 allowed.

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