Bug 24164

Summary: xml error on fo:inline tags
Product: POI Reporter: randysch
Component: HDFAssignee: POI Developers List <dev>
Severity: normal    
Priority: P3    
Version: 3.0-dev   
Target Milestone: ---   
Hardware: PC   
OS: Linux   

Description randysch 2003-10-27 21:07:56 UTC
Got this from the scratchpad area, not sure if you consider that 2.0-pre3 or
something else. When using the org.apache.poi.hdf.extractor.WordDocument class
on the Word document at
I get lots of errors like this when I try to view the resulting xml:

XML Parsing Error: mismatched tag. Expected: </fo:inline>.
Location: file:///tmp/liz.xml
Line Number 40, Column 193:><fo:inline font-family="Arial" font-size="10pt"
color="black" ><fo:inline font-family="Arial" font-size="10pt" color="black"
><fo:inline font-family="Arial" font-size="10pt" color="black" ></fo:block>

Indeed, a closing </fo:inline> is missing. Note the two fo:inline's with no
/fo:inline This document is in Cyrillic (Cp1251, I think), maybe that's part of
the problem? That same error actually occurs several times throughout the xml.
Comment 1 Ryan Ackley 2003-10-28 05:24:37 UTC
We are in the middle of a complete re-write of the Word stuff. I don't plan on 
carrying over the xsl:fo. Instead I was planning on replacing it with some 
kind of generic xml that could be transformed to fo. If its important to you, 
look at the code you have and take a crack at it. Sorry.