Bug 26921

Summary: problem running <borland> task on multiple ejb jars
Product: Ant Reporter: David LeRoy <David.LeRoy>
Component: Optional TasksAssignee: Ant Notifications List <notifications>
Severity: minor    
Priority: P3    
Version: 1.6.1   
Target Milestone: 1.8.0   
Hardware: All   
OS: All   

Description David LeRoy 2004-02-13 17:05:31 UTC
When the <borland> subtask is run on multiple directories to produce multiple 
ejb jars, each directory includes generated classes from the previous 

In other words, if the task is run on directories X, Y and Z, Y.jar contains 
classes from X and Z.jar contains classes from Y and Z.  If the task is run 
separately on X, Y and Z only the correct classes are included.

The files that are added are of the form:


The problem seems to be in the writeJar() method in BorlandDeploymentTool.java:

_genfiles.clear();  // <--- added this line


//add the gen files to the collection

super.writeJar(baseName, jarFile, files, publicId);

And the correct files were incorporated in ejb jars.  Not sure of this is the 
correct solution but it seems to be.
Comment 1 Stefan Bodewig 2008-07-10 07:54:50 UTC
I don't know whether the borland appserver is still around, but I know we won't have one around for testing.

The proposed change looks trivial and I feel like applying it to trunk - nobody is going to notice if I broke it anyway. ;-)

Furthermore it looks as if the patch was endorsed by BorlandDeploymentTool's original author http://www.moussaud.org/ejbjar.html

svn rev 675603