Bug 42577

Summary: [PATCH] font-stretch feature
Product: Fop - Now in Jira Reporter: Martin Voelkle <martin.voelkle>
Component: generalAssignee: fop-dev
Status: NEW ---    
Severity: enhancement    
Priority: P2    
Version: all   
Target Milestone: ---   
Hardware: Other   
OS: other   
Attachments: Implements font-stretch
updated patch, against 0.95
add font-stretch support to Java2D renderer (works for printing)

Description Martin Voelkle 2007-06-04 03:43:33 UTC
Here is a patch that implements font-stretch for PDF output.
Comment 1 Martin Voelkle 2007-06-04 03:44:58 UTC
Created attachment 20307 [details]
Implements font-stretch
Comment 2 Andreas L. Delmelle 2007-07-08 13:03:56 UTC
Sorry for the delay. This patch looks OK to me.
Unless anyone objects, I'll apply this to the Trunk asap.
Comment 3 Jeremias Maerki 2007-11-18 08:14:46 UTC
I've just taken a quick look at this patch. I must say that I'm not entirely
happy with the approach. font-stretch for me should ideally be part of the font
selection process and not just squeeze the font. Some font-families offer
specially designed condensed or expanded font variants. At the moment, we're
just using font-weight and font-style in the selection process but that's not
enough. This also means we have to rethink the FontTriplet class as it wouldn't
have 3 elements anymore, but 4. Only if there's no condensed/expanded variant
available in the font selection should forced font stretching be used. Actually,
just implementing like this would be fine by me, but putting the stretch value
is the thing I really don't like here and what triggered my comment.

When I've worked through most of my priorities in the next two or three months
I'll try to find time to improve the whole font subsystem. It is something I
care about but at the moment I have to concentrate my time on different things.
Comment 4 Martin Voelkle 2007-11-18 10:28:50 UTC
You are probably right. I did it like this because I were not familiar with the
font selection mechanism and just had to output a Tz to get working results in PDF.
Comment 5 Martin Voelkle 2009-04-24 07:35:22 UTC
Created attachment 23535 [details]
updated patch, against 0.95

I updated the patch for 0.95, and reworked it a bit:
- font metrics are no longer touched
- font-size and font-stretch are now separated as they should be
Comment 6 Martin Voelkle 2009-04-24 07:43:45 UTC
Created attachment 23536 [details]
add font-stretch support to Java2D renderer (works for printing)
Comment 7 Glenn Adams 2012-04-07 01:42:29 UTC
resetting P2 open bugs to P3 pending further review
Comment 8 Glenn Adams 2012-04-11 03:20:36 UTC
increase priority for bugs with a patch
Comment 9 Glenn Adams 2012-04-11 06:17:23 UTC
change status from ASSIGNED to NEW for consistency