Bug 43762

Summary: Misleading tips in an error message about internal redirects
Product: Apache httpd-2 Reporter: Motin <issues.apache.org>
Component: CoreAssignee: Apache HTTPD Bugs Mailing List <bugs>
Status: NEW ---    
Severity: enhancement    
Priority: P4    
Version: 2.5-HEAD   
Target Milestone: ---   
Hardware: All   
OS: All   

Description Motin 2007-10-31 17:56:37 UTC
When facing a rewrite loop condition problem, the following error message is
printed to the error log:
[Thu Nov 01 01:01:01 2007] [error] [client] Request exceeded the
limit of 10 internal redirects due to probable configuration error. Use
'LimitInternalRecursion' to increase the limit if necessary. Use 'LogLevel
debug' to get a backtrace.

It is not evident at all that this is due to a rewrite loop condition, especiall
when enabling LogLevel debug won't produce any "backtrace" as claimed. This is
very misleading. 

A notice level log entry about this is being caused by a rewrite loop condition
(debugged using the RewriteLog directive) would be in place - or some mentioning
of this in the original error message information would be even clearer, for
instance: "Use 'RewriteLog' to debug misconfigured rewrite rules".
Comment 1 Motin 2007-10-31 18:15:49 UTC
As a user on IRC commented, maybe it's better to simply change:

"Use 'LogLevel debug' to get a backtrace."
"Use 'RewriteLog' together with a high value of 'RewriteLogLevel' to debug
misconfigured mod_rewrite rules"

The basis for this bug report is btw that this message is caused by mod_rewrite
in almost all cases and that the mentioned backtrace actually doesn't exist. All
according to the very same IRC user. ("thumbs" in #apache@irc.freenode.net)
Comment 2 Joshua Slive 2007-11-12 06:56:37 UTC
There are several ways other than mod_rewrite to generate recursive internal
redirects, so your suggested error message doesn't work.