Bug 47938

Summary: Adding some French translations for new elements and some better meaning to other elements
Product: JMeter Reporter: Milamber <milamber>
Component: MainAssignee: JMeter issues mailing list <issues>
Severity: normal CC: milamber
Priority: P2    
Version: Nightly (Please specify date)   
Target Milestone: ---   
Hardware: PC   
OS: Linux   
Attachments: French translations patch
French CompareAssertionResources file
Delete some French translations

Description Milamber 2009-10-03 12:27:40 UTC
Created attachment 24339 [details]
French translations patch

* New translations for Comparison Assertion, Comparison Visualizer, Proxy
Server in Request HTTP, Junit4, some XML.
* Better meaning on Assertion response field
* New elements: Comparison Assertion and Comparison Visualiser
* Add missing translations to LDAP extended sampler


=== Details ===

==>Contient (exp. régulière)
(before: Contient)

==>Correspond à (exp. régulière)
(before: Correspond à)

==>Contient à (exp. régulière)
(before: Est égale à)

==>Contient (texte brut)
(before: Commence par)

regex_source=Response Field to check
(before: Champs réponse à cocher:)

webservice_proxy_note=If Use HTTP Proxy is checked, but no host or port are
provided, the sampler
==>Si 'utiliser un proxy HTTP' est cochée, mais qu'aucun hôte ou port est
fournit, l'échantillon
(before: Si 'utiliser le proxy HTTP' est cochée, mais qu'aucun hôte ou port est
fournit, l'échantillon)

web_proxy_server_title=Proxy Server
==>Requête via un serveur proxy

xml_download_dtds=Fetch external DTDs
==>Récupérer les DTDs externes

xml_tolerant_button=Use Tidy (tolerant parser)
==>Utiliser Tidy (analyseur tolérant)

comparison_visualizer_title=Comparison Assertion Visualizer
==>Récepteur d'assertions de comparaison


junit_junit4=Search for JUnit 4 annotations (instead of JUnit 3)
==>Rechercher les annotations JUnit 4 (au lieu de JUnit 3)

displayName=Compare Assertion
==>Assertion Comparaison
compareChoices.displayName=Select Comparison Operators
==>Type de comparaison
compareContent.displayName=Compare Content
compareContent.shortDescription=Verify that all Samplers within the Controller
return the same data
==>Vérifie que tous les échantillons fils d'un contrôleur retournent les mêmes
compareTime.displayName=Compare Time
==>Temps de réponse (ms) 
compareTime.shortDescription=Verify that all Samplers' return times are within
a given number of milliseconds
==>Vérifie que tous les échantillons fils d'un contrôleur sont retournés dans
un nombre donné de millisecondes
comparison_filters.displayName=Comparison Filters
==>Filtres de comparaison
stringsToSkip.displayName=Regular Expression Substitutions
==>Substitutions par expressions régulières
stringsToSkip.shortDescription=Regular expressions to match elements of
response data to be substituted when comparing
==>Expressions régulières pour substituer des éléments dans les données de
réponses avant la comparaison

comparison_differ_content=Responses differ in content
==>Le contenu des réponses est différent
comparison_differ_time=Responses differ in response time by more than 
==>La différence du temps de réponse diffère de plus de 
comparison_invalid_node=Invalid Node 
==>Noeud invalide
comparison_regex_string=Regex String
==>Expression réguilière
comparison_response_time=Response Time: 
==>Temps de réponse : 
comparison_unit=\ ms
==>\ ms

searchbase=Search base
==>Base de recherche
searchfilter=Search Filter
==>Filtre de recherche
searchtest=Search test
sbind=Single bind/unbind
==>Simple connexion/déconnexion
rename=Rename entry
==>Renommer une entrée
newdn=New distinguished name
==>Nouveau DN
bind=Thread Bind
==>Connexion de l'unité
unbind=Thread Unbind
==>Déconnexion de l'unité
addtest=Add test
deltest=Deletion test
modtest=Modification test
countlim=Size limit
==>Limiter le nombre d'éléments retournés à
timelim=Time limit
==>Limiter le temps de réponses à (ms)
==>Attribut :
retobj=Return object
==>Retourner les objets
deref=Dereference aliases
==Déréférencement des alias
entrydn=Entry DN
==>Entrée DN
==>Code d'opération
comparefilt=Compare filter
==>Filtre de comparaison
Comment 1 Milamber 2009-10-03 12:49:13 UTC
Created attachment 24340 [details]
French CompareAssertionResources file

New French CompareAssertionResources file (in zip file with path)
Comment 2 Milamber 2009-11-13 14:59:19 UTC
Please, don't forget this translation patch for French people.
Comment 3 Sebb 2009-11-13 16:07:46 UTC
URL: http://svn.apache.org/viewvc?rev=836068&view=rev
Bug 47938 -  Adding some French translations for new elements
Comment 4 Milamber 2009-11-14 00:28:38 UTC
Sorry, "ant test" don't works, there is some errors messages:

     [java] ..........messages_fr has unexpected key: comparison_regex_string
     [java] messages_fr has unexpected key: comparison_differ_content
     [java] messages_fr has unexpected key: comparison_regex_substitution
     [java] messages_fr has unexpected key: comparison_invalid_node
     [java] messages_fr has unexpected key: comparison_unit
     [java] messages_fr has unexpected key: comparison_differ_time
     [java] messages_fr has unexpected key: comparison_response_time

The reason is this keys are use in this improvement (I18N) for Comparison elements.

You can commit patch 47907 :) or delete this keys.
In attachment, the patch for delete.

Comment 5 Milamber 2009-11-14 00:39:09 UTC
Created attachment 24534 [details]
Delete some French translations