Bug 53769

Summary: function to insert slides from one deck into another
Product: POI Reporter: chris <chris.drappier>
Component: HSLFAssignee: POI Developers List <dev>
Status: NEW ---    
Severity: enhancement    
Priority: P2    
Version: unspecified   
Target Milestone: ---   
Hardware: All   
OS: All   

Description chris 2012-08-23 17:16:07 UTC
I have a need to aggregate several ppt (office 2003 format) decks into one. I'd like to see a method on SlideShow something like addSlide(Slide slide, int slidePosition). Where slide can be a slide object from another deck.  This would make my job so much easier. As of now, there is no clear way I can see to do this through POI, and I'm having to resort to manually combining these decks using the VBA function InsertFromFile http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa832307%28office.10%29.aspx  Here is the post on StackOverflow that led me to file this bug: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/12080500/merging-powerpoint-decks-using-apache-poi/12080921#comment16165219_12080921
Comment 1 Javen O'Neal 2016-07-19 10:24:04 UTC
PowerPoint OOXML (2007+) Presentations can be merged in Apache POI with XSLFSlide.importContent. There is an example in the cookbook. [1]

This method has not been implemented for HSLF (PowerPoint 97-2003). If having this feature for HSLF presentations is important to you, consider contributing a patch and unit tests. Otherwise, this is likely to stay a low priority as the binary formats reach their sunset years.

[1] https://poi.apache.org/slideshow/xslf-cookbook.html#Merge