Bug 64795

Summary: Generate summary report may not output a summary line in the configured interval (summariser.interval)
Product: JMeter Reporter: nonealexq <nonealexq>
Component: MainAssignee: JMeter issues mailing list <issues>
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Severity: normal CC: p.mouawad
Priority: P2 Keywords: FixedInTrunk
Version: 3.0   
Target Milestone: JMETER_5.4   
Hardware: All   
OS: All   
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Description nonealexq 2020-10-08 14:31:54 UTC
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I want to ask you how you can change this behavior of jmeter:
When the tests are run in the jmeter -n -t format, they are logged to the console as "summery ="
and it never logs everything.
In the script, I had 424 samples, the last line in the console at 269 (summary = 269 in 00:03:03 = 1.5 / s Avg: 234 Min: 0 Max: 4881 Err: 0 (0.00%))

I want logging in the console to be for all requests, because I trigger ci / cd for failure when it sees err> 0. I didn't find anything related to this in the property files.
Comment 1 nonealexq 2020-10-08 14:32:12 UTC
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Comment 2 nonealexq 2020-10-08 14:48:57 UTC
i found it
# interval between summaries (in seconds) default 30 seconds
Comment 3 nonealexq 2020-10-08 15:18:47 UTC
Alas, having set this parameter = 1, I did not achieve the desired result, summary can add in 1 second or maybe in 1.5 minutes. Please help open your eyes to this case
Comment 4 nonealexq 2020-10-08 15:20:39 UTC
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Comment 5 Philippe Mouawad 2020-10-24 14:42:12 UTC
I am not sure to understand your report.

1) Can you share the CSV output for the summary you show ? You seem to have 2 different summary reports why ?
2) Can you explain the problem ? Is it that you have 0% error rate in summary while you have 2 errors in HTML report ?
3) Can you run after opening the test plan , Tools > Generate Schematic Overview
Comment 6 Philippe Mouawad 2020-10-24 14:56:52 UTC
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     new 22f038d  Bug 64795: Clarify documentation on Generate Summary Results
22f038d is described below

commit 22f038d09831f86bab8217140ecbdffa002059e7
Author: pmouawad <p.mouawad@ubik-ingenierie.com>
AuthorDate: Sat Oct 24 16:55:48 2020 +0200

    Bug 64795: Clarify documentation on Generate Summary Results
 xdocs/changes.xml                        | 1 +
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Comment 7 nonealexq 2020-10-24 17:24:31 UTC
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Two screenshots with different parameter summariser.interval = 0.5 / default, to show nowhere it does not log these two errors to the console.

From jtl:
These two samples that have dropped will look like this:
1603521008045,342, find_cards_by_Other_account_and_bank, 200, OK, [TG] -CARDCLAIMS-REGRESS 1-1, text, false, "Value expected to match regexp 'mscardsservice_operation_access_denied', but it did not match: 'mscardsservice_something", but it did not match:' mscardsservice_something " 1,1, https: // test-api / api / v1 / cardclaims / v2 / card, 342,0,5

1603520984884,3607, start_change_3dsec.field_card_guid.incorrect (255chars), 500, Internal Server Error, [TG] -CARDCLAIMS-REGRESS 1-1, text, false, Expected to find an object with property ['error'] in path $ but found 'java.lang.String'. This is not a json object according to the JsonProvider: 'com.jayway.jsonpath.spi.json.JsonSmartJsonProvider'., 673,926,1,1, https: // test-api / api / v1 / cardclaims / v2 / change_3dsec, 3606.0.5

There are no lines about errors in the summary report at all, that's the question
Comment 8 nonealexq 2020-10-24 17:24:56 UTC
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Comment 9 nonealexq 2020-10-24 17:33:57 UTC
I am using test fragments, I think the schematic will not help much
Comment 10 Philippe Mouawad 2020-10-24 19:01:10 UTC
Thanks for provided elements.
But can you please provide the csv file ?

and jmeter.log

Comment 11 nonealexq 2020-10-31 08:42:24 UTC
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Comment 12 nonealexq 2020-10-31 08:42:47 UTC
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jtl file