Bug 44855 - irregular balancing with sticky-session after re-enabling worker or lbset-changes
Summary: irregular balancing with sticky-session after re-enabling worker or lbset-cha...
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Product: Apache httpd-2
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Component: mod_proxy_balancer (show other bugs)
Version: 2.2-HEAD
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: P2 normal with 8 votes (vote)
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Assignee: Apache HTTPD Bugs Mailing List
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Reported: 2008-04-22 10:51 UTC by Marcus Heilmann
Modified: 2018-11-07 21:08 UTC (History)
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Description Marcus Heilmann 2008-04-22 10:51:42 UTC

I've a little issue to discuss regarding sticky-sessions, which could result in very high loads on the backend-servers.

After changing the lbset of a worker to a lower one (eg. from 1 to 0), it will receive a large number of requests. This is because all requests (with and without sticky-session) are counted the same way.
This would also happen if a worker left an unusable-state (not tested, but its the same principle).

You can find an example at the end of this posting.

As already mentioned in the sourcecode (file: mod_proxy_balancer.c, function: proxy_balancer_pre_request), this is an open issue:
             * TODO: Abstract the below, since this is dependent
             *       on the LB implementation

Possible solutions for the sticky-session issue:

1) Configurable counting of lbstatus
   - New proxy-balancer option: lbmethod_counting=[all|new|(sticky?)]
     all: the current behaviour (default)
     new: only new sessions will modify the lbstatus
     sticky: only sticky session will modify the lbstatus <- useful?

  Changes needed:
     mod_proxy_balancer.c (proxy_balancer_pre_request, find_best_by* <- only for 'sticky')
     mod_proxy.h (struct proxy_balancer)
     and a few other files to read the new config-parameter

2) Implementation of a "soft fade-in". After changes to lbset, error-states, ... a soft fade-in-flag will be set.
   For a defined period of time, the counting of lbstatus will be reduced to new sessions.
   - New proxy-balancer option: lbmethod_fadeintime=<seconds int>
     0 : the current behaviour (default)
     >0: fadeintime
   Changes needed:
     mod_proxy_balancer.c (proxy_balancer_pre_request)
     mod_proxy.h (struct proxy_balancer, struct proxy_worker_stat:+ apr_time_t softin_time)
     all places where lbset and error-states are modified
     and a few other files to read the new config-parameter

My current favorite is solution 1), because there is less code to modify and it would meet my requirements.

While digging around in the sourcecode I've also found a little flaw within that TODO-Section:
lbsets aren't handled at all. So the lbstatus for all workers in all lbsets are modified, which would result in unbeautiful values of lbstatus (e.g. -1.000.000 : -1.000.000 : +2.000.000)
This little patch could fix that flaw:
             * TODO: Abstract the below, since this is dependent
             *       on the LB implementation
           -  if (PROXY_WORKER_IS_USABLE(workers)) {
           + if (PROXY_WORKER_IS_USABLE(workers) && workers->s->lbset == runtime->s->lbset) {

What do you think about it?

Ciao - Marcus

- 3 workers with sticky-session (a, b, c)
- 1 new session per second with 50(+1) requests over 300 seconds
- initial lbsets: a:0, b:0, c:1

After changing the lbset of worker c to 0, the lbstatus will be cleared (recalc_factors()). So we start at 0.

// all new session will go to c
Second  :    0
ReqDone : a=  0.00, b=  0.00, c=   0.00
lbstatus: a=  0.0, b= -0.0, c=  0.0
Sessions: a= 150.00, b= 150.00, c=   0.00

Second  :   60
ReqDone : a= 1378.58, b= 1367.42, c= 365.00
lbstatus: a= -1024.7, b= -991.3, c= 2016.0
Sessions: a= 120.50, b= 119.50, c=  60.00

Second  :  180
ReqDone : a= 3183.58, b= 3152.42, c= 2895.00
lbstatus: a= -319.7, b= -226.2, c= 546.0
Sessions: a=  60.50, b=  59.50, c= 180.00

// since now all new session will go to a + b
// but we are also losing old-session
Second  :  192 
ReqDone : a= 3298.08, b= 3264.92, c= 3280.00
lbstatus: a= -51.2, b= 48.2, c=  3.0
Sessions: a=  54.50, b=  53.50, c= 192.00

// reached break-even point: c loses sessions
Second  :  301
ReqDone : a= 4316.83, b= 4317.33, c= 6767.83
lbstatus: a= 2451.5, b= 2450.0, c= -4901.5
Sessions: a=  54.00, b=  55.00, c= 191.00

// till c has 0 active sessions
Second  :  575
ReqDone : a= 9792.00, b= 9792.00, c= 9792.00
lbstatus: a=  0.0, b= -0.0, c=  0.0
Sessions: a= 150.00, b= 150.00, c=   0.00

// now we have a similar situation to second 0
Comment 1 Alex 2011-02-11 21:50:25 UTC
Hi Marcus

I've the same problem us you reported a long time ago

BalancerMembers with loadfactor=1 and lbset=0

I use lbset=1 to stop sending new sessions to a node. (node maintenance)

A node with lbset=1 no receive traffic (only sticky sessions), but when lbset=0 the node receive a lot of traffic instead of continue a round robin balancing. It's seems mod_proxy try to reach the same level of requests as others nodes running all time. Finally the node it's overloaded due to a lot of traffic, while others nodes are idle.

I think the option 1 would be great for me

- New proxy-balancer option: lbmethod_counting=[all|new|(sticky?)]

Do you fix the problem ?

Please let me know


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