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Wed Jan 20 2021 21:14:13 UTC
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23 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
195924 platform Output W jhavlin NEW --- Console coloring 2014-01-27
201626 platform Output W jhavlin NEW --- Button to clear the output 2014-01-02
250670 platform Quick Se jhavlin NEW --- Usability and consistency of quicksearch, filtering and jump-to 2015-03-12
129558 platform Navigato JPESKA NEW --- Use MIME lookup to register navigator panels 2012-09-22
203556 platform Actions JPESKA NEW --- No annotation for position of menus/toolbars 2013-05-30
198253 platform Plugin M lfischmeistr NEW --- "Show on Plugin Portal" button 2014-02-10
201162 platform Plugin M lfischmeistr NEW --- Installed plugins don't show Homepage in Plugins dialog 2014-02-10
57318 platform Window S issues NEW --- Generic fast search functionality in lists, trees... 2012-12-17
137287 platform Quick Se jhavlin NEW --- [QuickSearch] Allow to use quicksearch for files 2013-01-02
225095 platform Output W jhavlin NEW --- Allow detaching of output view 2013-07-08
59954 platform Favorite ovrabec NEW --- Unable to organise favourites into folders and subfolders 2013-03-07
236723 platform Window S saubrecht NEW --- Unnecessary space below toolbar 2013-10-15
228450 platform Explorer JPESKA REOP --- Improve UX allowing mouse click over blank area of Tree elements to select them 2016-07-25
240371 platform Window S saubrecht RESO FIXE Error mark/badge is shown incorrectly or not shown at all 2014-02-14
231336 platform JDK Prob anebuzelsky RESO WORK [JDK8] Editor steels focus from modal dialog 2015-02-17
257675 platform -- Other anebuzelsky RESO FIXE Hardcoded colors in OptionsPanel, SearchBar, GlyphGutter, AbstractSearchResultsPanel, ToolbarWithOverflow, LayoutPainter, DiffSplitPaneDivider 2016-07-25
159722 platform Text issues RESO WONT Full File Name Path shown in the Title Bar 2015-05-09
228482 platform Output W jhavlin RESO FIXE Position.scrollTo() suboptimal 2013-08-26
231953 platform Window S saubrecht RESO FIXE [dark][nimbus] arrows to expand trees shouldn't be black 2014-11-10
236425 platform Window S saubrecht RESO FIXE Error badge is missing in editor tab when erroneous file is opened 2013-10-01
236965 platform Dialogs& saubrecht RESO WONT Provide Bugreport information in clipboard from about dialog 2013-10-14
234820 platform Window S saubrecht RESO FIXE With dark theme, tabs are inconsistently colored 2014-12-09
257823 platform Notifica JPESKA VERI INVA Bug 246199 - Notifications window link color is hardcoded has not been integrated into NB8.1 2016-02-04
23 bugs found.