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Wed Oct 27 2021 23:47:38 UTC
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97 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
213829 editor Painting mmetelka NEW --- Hardcoded line wrap character 2018-06-22
133943 editor Parsing tzezula NEW --- Make the IDE usable during scanning 2017-09-17
258801 java Editor dbalek NEW --- Editor not showing compilation errors 2017-06-11
82086 platform Window S issues NEW --- [floating] Choice between JDialog and JFrame for floating window container 2010-08-11
233513 platform Actions JPESKA NEW --- org.openide.actions.PasteAction$ActSubMenuModel.getPasteTypesOrActions: LowPerformance took 10099 ms. 2016-03-29
234245 platform Actions JPESKA NEW --- DelegateAction.putValue() does not notify PropertyChangeListeners 2013-08-12
243270 platform Actions JPESKA NEW --- Actions.connect fails to update JMenuItem's enabled state in main menu 2014-07-14
225014 installe NBI lfischmeistr NEW --- Create desktop and startmenu link using the branding icon 2015-11-03
245116 platform Proxy lfischmeistr NEW --- PAC file execution fails on JRE8 (Nashorn) 2014-07-19
245200 platform Proxy lfischmeistr NEW --- No Web Proxy Auto-Discovery (WPAD) 2014-06-23
61836 platform Outline& mentlicher NEW --- Chaeckboxes in TreeTableView should be centered or customized 2010-10-07
230690 platform Outline& mentlicher NEW --- OutlineView drag-and-drop sometimes (Windows) or always (MacOS) selects spurious nodes 2014-04-16
236718 platform Outline& mentlicher NEW --- In-place rename of OutlineView node should select existing text when editing starts 2013-10-03
252884 platform Outline& mentlicher NEW --- OutlineView/ETable quick search should not scroll back on escape, mouse click, or mismatched character 2015-06-08
234899 apisuppo Maven mkleint NEW --- "Platform Modules" GUI in Project Properties for Maven-based platform projects (like for Ant) 2013-08-23
153635 apisuppo Project mkozeny NEW --- Support the new "Compile on Save" feature in NetBeans Platform Modules 2014-03-13
232669 apisuppo Project mkozeny NEW --- Allow layer browsing even without a layer.xml 2013-07-14
241199 editor Painting mmetelka NEW --- Font size does not adjust for HiDPI displays 2015-12-26
249052 editor Painting mmetelka NEW --- Slow rendering of complex HTML markup 2016-08-03
66422 apisuppo Harness pgebauer NEW --- Enable COMMAND_RUN_SINGLE for non-tests in NBM projects 2015-09-09
38117 platform Window S saubrecht NEW --- API to hide the title bar in a TopComponent 2011-08-24
218305 platform -- Other saubrecht NEW --- 4 copies of 2016-12-26
239745 platform Window S saubrecht NEW --- Retina display support (new icons etc.) 2016-10-10
245196 platform Property saubrecht NEW --- Support undo/redo (UndoRedo) from property sheet 2014-06-23
252667 platform Window S saubrecht NEW --- No maximize editor window anymore 2016-01-15
269324 java Hints sdedic NEW --- "Dereferencing possible null pointer" after doing instanceof on variable (false positive) 2018-02-18
251047 apisuppo Maven tstupka NEW --- Modules created with maven generate "No updater.jar specified, cannot validate Info.xml against DTD" warning 2015-03-10
225445 platform JDK Prob saubrecht NEW --- Mouse cursor wrong when swithing to IDE from another process using Command+Tab 2013-10-29
242722 platform Property saubrecht NEW --- "No Properties" text in empty property sheet window not anti-aliased 2014-03-10
251441 platform Window S saubrecht NEW --- On Aqua, sub-tabs in "Output" tab have vertically off-center text and close buttons 2018-04-22
216655 platform JDK Prob anebuzelsky REOP --- Font anti aliasing broken when using Java SE 7 2016-08-11
236403 java Editor dbalek REOP --- Javadoc popup is poorly rendered 2018-02-17
233098 java Compiler jlahoda REOP --- The following options were not recognized by any processor: '[eclipselink.canonicalmodel.use_static_factory]' 2016-05-03
208081 platform Nodes JPESKA REOP --- Node's Action Popup Menu does never show icon 2018-04-04
235202 platform Proxy lfischmeistr REOP --- IDE should support all functions in PAC files 2015-07-07
238079 platform Outline& mentlicher REOP --- OutlineView cell renderers drawn improperly when row selected (Aqua L&F) 2015-03-14
221781 apisuppo Maven mkleint REOP --- Maven NB RCP compile time annotation processing doesn't work correctly with compile on save turned on, and it is turned on by default; must perform a clean and build for annotations to be processed correctly 2015-03-26
240513 editor Actions/ mmetelka REOP --- Checkmark next to "Show Editor Toolbar" menu item can get out of sync with actual setting 2016-07-07
241953 editor Painting mmetelka REOP --- Visual cursor position not updated when editor resized under line wrap 2018-06-22
242113 editor Painting mmetelka REOP --- Line wrap should avoid spaces at the beginning of break lines 2018-06-22
242115 editor Painting mmetelka REOP --- With line wrap enabled, cursor at end of line is painted at beginning of next line instead 2018-06-22
238634 platform JDK Prob saubrecht REOP --- Windows do not stay in position with Dual Monitor using Mac OS X Mavericks 2017-07-19
196323 editor -- Other ebakke REOP --- addPropertyChangeListener w/o matching removePropertyChangeListener 2018-02-18
248664 editor Painting mmetelka REOP --- HighlightingManager does not track changes to HighlightsLayerExcludes correctly 2018-04-22
112566 java Hints sdedic REOP --- java.lang.AssertionError: Start offset must be before the end offset. startOffset = 617, endOffset = 608 2016-11-13
241562 platform JDK Prob anebuzelsky RESO WONT OutOfMemoryError: can't create offscreen surface 2015-02-10
235958 java Editor dbalek RESO FIXE Compile error is not shown in editor nor editor icon 2017-06-26
269451 editor -- Other mmetelka RESO FIXE Scroll position flips back on scrolling with mouse wheel. 2017-07-12
55291 java Refactor ralphbenjamin RESO FIXE Find usages only searches project classes, not JDK + libraries 2015-09-01
231336 platform JDK Prob anebuzelsky RESO WORK [JDK8] Editor steels focus from modal dialog 2015-02-17
243024 java FindBugs cyhelsky RESO FIXE Use FindBugs compatible with JDK 1.8 2014-07-17
177820 platform Launcher jrechtacek RESO FIXE No logging in output window during execution 2013-01-07
229353 projects Maven mkleint RESO FIXE "At most one resource per module" when layer.xml included in Maven NB Platform app with CoS enabled 2016-04-17
219853 platform JDK Prob mmetelka RESO WONT when pressing "delete" key (not backspace, the other), it deletes 2 spaces instead of 1 2014-01-30
181726 java Hints sdedic RESO FIXE [74cat] Make hints configurable per project 2015-10-02
226192 platform JDK Prob anebuzelsky RESO WONT Maximized window size wrong after screen resolution change 2013-08-07
243483 platform JDK Prob anebuzelsky RESO DUPL AWT thread hangs for several seconds after every editor save 2016-11-23
248083 platform JDK Prob anebuzelsky RESO WONT Node expansion arrows in "Projects" tab drawn on top of components underneath 2016-09-27
247282 java Editor dbalek RESO DUPL Code completion does not offer initializing constructor for final fields 2014-12-16
269459 java Editor dbalek RESO FIXE Type error not shown in Java editor when calling method with wrong argument type involving an inferred type 2017-06-28
268681 platform Window S emi RESO FIXE Quickly clicking left/right button to switch through Output/Search Results/Usages tabs maximizes the TopComponent. 2017-03-02
236349 platform Outline& jhavlin RESO FIXE NullPointerException during a drag&drop operation from/to Outline 2014-02-07
238197 platform Outline& jhavlin RESO FIXE OutlineView forgets to set selection colors before FocusListener is invoked the first time 2014-02-07
242979 platform Output W jhavlin RESO FIXE Output window contents garbled when cleared by other thread 2014-06-06
237926 platform Actions JPESKA RESO WONT Actions assigned to Meta+EQUALS fire twice when keyboard shortcut invoked (e.g. "Zoom Text In") 2014-01-14
242917 platform Explorer JPESKA RESO DUPL Every node change calls potentially expensive NbClipboard.getContents() 2014-03-21
243787 platform Nodes JPESKA RESO FIXE Javadoc for ChildFactory.Detachable.removeNotify() needs warning about appropriate use cases 2014-07-19
198739 installe Code jrechtacek RESO FIXE JUnit plugins when installed in userdir are not available for NBM development 2012-09-14
237469 platform Proxy lfischmeistr RESO FIXE Avoid "System network proxy reloading failed!" warning from NbTestCase in NB JUnit 2013-12-16
243922 platform Outline& mentlicher RESO FIXE When selecting multiple checkable Outline nodes, pressing space should check/uncheck all of them 2014-07-31
244003 platform Outline& mentlicher RESO FIXE Space to toggle CheckableNode does not work in OutlineView when node is programmatically selected 2014-07-31
193821 javaee JSF Edit mfukala RESO DUPL [70cat] index.xhtml shows errors in the editor 2011-10-31
225255 apisuppo Maven mkleint RESO FIXE NbTestCase fails with Maven and JavaHelpSet (7.2) 2013-08-27
229354 projects Maven mkleint RESO FIXE "MNBMODULE-131: need to at least run package phase" warning when running pristine Maven-based platform application 2013-05-05
234897 projects Maven mkleint RESO INVA Compile-on-Save for Maven-based platform projects not working (worked in previous dev. version) 2013-08-26
64612 apisuppo Harness mkozeny RESO WONT [50cat] Branding application: Icon (*.icn) of windows-launcher(*.exe) 2014-09-03
208312 editor Search mkristofic RESO FIXE Editor scrolls back on Escape after partial match with Ctrl+F search 2012-07-08
215260 editor Search mkristofic RESO FIXE Opening search bar with Ctrl+F incorrectly initiates first search 2012-07-12
228822 editor -- Other mkristofic RESO INCO IDE sometimes freezes for 4 seconds after editor save 2013-05-14
229029 editor Settings mkristofic RESO WONT Default editor font ugly on MacOS Java 7 2016-07-07
225366 platform JDK Prob saubrecht RESO WONT NetBeans quit unexpectedly while using the liblwawt.dylib plug-in 2013-10-15
239304 platform Window S saubrecht RESO FIXE Splitpanel hangs sometimes.. 2014-11-11
241399 platform Property saubrecht RESO FIXE "Different Values" property editor checkbox misaligned on Aqua 2014-02-07
241916 platform Property saubrecht RESO FIXE Property sheet quick search selects first letter 2014-02-19
242809 platform Window S saubrecht RESO DUPL Floating window on secondary monitory pops back to primary monitor (MacOS) 2014-03-14
243896 platform Property saubrecht RESO FIXE "Different Values" property editor checkbox misaligned/not properly disabled 2014-04-20
267962 platform Module S thurka RESO FIXE 30s delay upon first connecting to a localhost database (due to URLClassLoader trying to DNS-resolve nbinst URL in URL.hashCode) 2016-12-03
246176 projects Maven tstupka RESO DUPL When executing tests on Maven, Compile-on-Save does not catch changes in other modules 2015-06-16
226299 java Project tzezula RESO DUPL Contains Main Class Badge does not show. 2015-09-18
247882 platform Outline& mentlicher RESO FIXE NullPointerException at Outline.editCellAt( 2014-10-14
241652 editor Painting mmetelka RESO WONT Horizontal scrollbars stay put even after edited file no longer contains a long line 2016-07-07
241898 editor Painting mmetelka RESO WONT Viewport is scrolled to cursor before preferred size has been updated. 2016-07-07
241363 platform Property saubrecht RESO FIXE Font property editor should anti-alias its font example as appropriate 2014-02-07
105054 platform Action I jlahoda VERI FIXE hints need to be placed in task list (and be more aggressive) 2013-05-22
257563 projects Maven markiewb VERI FIXE surefire 2.19.1 show no test results windows 2017-03-07
237724 editor Painting mmetelka VERI FIXE Poor editor performance with Java 7 and retina display on OS X 2019-07-20
236719 platform Outline& mentlicher VERI FIXE In-place rename of CheckableNode in OutlineView forgets to take checkbox width into account 2016-02-21
97 bugs found.